International Locations

Meet the our summer 2018 PPIP interns for our Madrid & Berlin programs!

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George Maldonado
U.S. Commercial Service

About George

Born in Escondido, California, but raised in Bryan, Texas, George Maldonado is a M.S. Economics student set to graduate in August 2018. A first-generation college student and regent scholar, his stay at A&M includes many on campus leadership roles: a counselor in NFLO, Fish-Camp, T-Camp, and as an active member with ALPFA. Each organization gave him an abundance of experience in community service as well as teaching others to lead in kind. His fascination with economic growth has lead his interest towards international trade and investment as he read case study after case study on developing nations sudden rise to prominence after opening their ports to foreign goods and financing. He is exhilarated to be interning at the U.S. embassy in Madrid with the U.S. Commercial Services, and aims to expand his network during his stay.  After graduation, he hopes his internship in Spain will allow him to pursue a career that helps increase the welfare of countries through trade by developing policy that grows the world in a beneficial and responsible way.

Charlotte McDonald
Centre international de formation européenne (CIFE)

About Charlotte

Charlotte McDonald is a first-year graduate student from Woodstock, Georgia. Charlotte studies international affairs at the Bush School of Government and Public Service. She is concentrating in National Security and Diplomacy with emphases in Intelligence, Homeland Security, and American Foreign Policy. She is passionate about becoming a public servant and believes service to one’s country is of utmost importance. She plans to use her degree to transition into a career of public service in intelligence and homeland security, specifically focusing on immigration and transnational crimes. While completing her undergraduate degree, Charlotte completed two language immersion study abroad trips to Regensburg, Germany and continues to spend time studying German. She is currently conducting research on efforts to suppress human trafficking into Europe stemming from the refugee crisis in the Middle East. Outside of class, Charlotte spends most of her time working as a Resident Director at an off-campus student housing complex. However, in her free time Charlotte enjoys traveling, improving her language skills, and reading. Charlotte is looking forward to the opportunity to advance her interests and research on transnational crimes in Berlin this summer.
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