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Meet the fall 2020 interns for our Washington, D.C. program!


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Jeremy Bartlett
Office of Congressman Vicente Gonzalez

About Jeremy

Jeremy Bartlett is new graduate from Hurst, Texas with a Bachelor of Science in Political Science and minors in Economics and Statistics. During his college career he had the opportunity to learn how the government works, both in and outside of his classes. During his freshmen year Jeremy shadowed the city manager of his hometown, and the next year he interned at the district office of Congressman Marc Veasey (TX-33). This past summer Jeremy gained international experience by interning for both Fianna Fáil- the Irish Republican Party, and the Lord Mayor of Dublin. Back in College Station, Jeremy has served in roles as a Sophomore Advisor and a Junior Advisor for the Honors Housing Community, where he actively facilitated the function and growth of the 350+ freshmen honors program. He has also served as a Vice President and then President of Honors Student Council. Throughout all of his experiences, Jeremy has learned one thing: great people are everywhere, they just need the opportunity to show they’re great. Because of this realization, Jeremy wants to become an economic advisor in order to ensure every American has the opportunity to become great and is not constrained by their status or resources.

David Deleo
Office of Congressman Randy Weber

About David

David DeLeo is a junior political science major who will graduate in the summer of 2020. He was born at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs and raised in Garden Ridge, Texas, a small suburb in between San Antonio and the New Braunfels area. During his time at Texas A&M, David has served as the treasurer of the Club Tennis Team, been a member of Mays Business Student Council, and has volunteered extensively with local organizations including Pioneers and Impact Ministries. Beyond this, David has participated in the Potomac Summer Institute, an applied politics course hosted in D.C. by Dr. Ura of the political science department, and he actively competes in intramural sports on campus while serving within a number of roles at his local church in College Station. Through his coursework he has garnered an interest in legislative and judicial politics and is fascinated with the intersection of law on the policy making process. He hopes to pursue these interests by attending law school and practicing public interest law within a nonprofit or governmental organization long term. David is grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the Public Policy Internship Program and is excited to leverage his experience to help others and achieve his goals within the nation’s capital this fall.
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Intern Photo

Andrew Farquhar
U.S. Department of Transportation

About Andrew

Andrew Farquhar is studying for his Bachelors of Science in Urban and Regional Planning, with minors in Anthropology and English. Additionally, he is pursuing a Graduate Certificate in Public Management, and is expected to graduate with both degrees in May 2021. He was involved in the official Texas A&M English club, the Inkling Society, as treasurer from 2018-2019, and as president from 2019-2020. As a senior, Andrew’s ambitions are to launch a career in public service and continue his education into graduate school for Urban Planning. Andrew is particularly interested in housing policy, transit policy, disaster response, and international development, although he is fascinated by most topics related to public administration in the 21<sup>st</sup> century. His holistic approach to public service is shaped both by the principles of the Urban Planning field and by his involvement with student research. Particularly, he was a research intern at the Texas A&M Energy Institute, and a member of a Texas A&M Hazard Reduction and Recovery Center research team which cataloged and digitized federal disaster spending. To expand on the lessons learned from these experiences, Andrew aspires to intern with a prominent institution in the field of public service, where he can further develop his professional skills. In his free time, Andrew likes to creatively write and keep up with current events.

Tyler Gibbs
American Public Human Services Association

About Tyler

Tyler Gibbs is a recent Texas A&M graduate from Mansfield, Texas. He received his degree in political science with a minor in philosophy in May of 2020. Tyler is interested in politics and gpolicy involving human rights. During his free time, Tyler volunteered for an organization called CASA, which pairs volunteers with children who are victims of domestic abuse or neglect, in order to advocate for their best interests in court. He also served in the children’s ministry at his local church. These experiences have given him a passion for helping children and the less fortunate through the means of advocacy and policymaking. After this internship, Tyler is planning on attending law school in order to one day help victims of domestic abuse and neglect. Tyler hopes to use the skills and lessons that he has learned through his classes at Texas A&M, volunteer opportunities, as well as this internship to influence public policy and better the lives of the people around him.
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Intern Photo

Nathaniel Hawthorne
Environmental Protection Agency

About Nathaniel

Nathaniel Hawthorne is a fifth year PhD Candidate in the Department of Chemistry. A transplant to Texas, Nate moved down from the Upstate NY region to start graduate school in summer 2016, after he graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelors in Chemistry from Union College. His research focuses on the reactivity of two-dimensional materials as a result of strain and applied force, and their potential to serve as solid lubricants to mitigate the energy lost as a result of friction at interfacial contacts. Believing in a holistic approach to science, Nate is trying to increase his understanding and appreciation of public policy, and of the intersection that exists between science, government, the private sector, and public policy. In his free time, Nate enjoys baking, camping, tubing the Colorado River, and planning his wedding with his wonderful fiancée. Nate is excited to be back along the East Coast, and to explore the public policy side of the scientific community

Madison Jaco
Global Cold Chain Alliance

About Madison

Madison Jaco graduated in May 2020 with her Bachelor of Arts in International Studies with a French minor.  She is a first-generation college student from Hawkins, Texas.  Madison’s interest in international affairs began during high school when she had the opportunity to travel to India, the Netherlands, and Washington, D.C., as a member of her school’s global environmental science team.  This piqued her interest in international studies and policy as she learned more about different cultures.  As an international studies student, Madison was required to study abroad and chose to study at L’Université de Lausanne, Switzerland.  There she collaborated with other international students, studying French language and culture as well as multilingual institutions. Madison has also served as Co-Chair for RISE for two years.  RISE is a student organization that fundraises for The Women’s Bakery, a social enterprise committed to educating and empowering women in East Africa through business and baking training. Madison enjoys hiking, reading, and especially traveling during her free time.  During her internship at Global Cold Chain Alliance, Madison hopes to learn more about the policy process as well as international development and collaboration between different governmental and non-governmental institutions across the globe.
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Intern Photo

Blake Johnson

About Blake

Originally from Austin, TX, Blake Johnson graduated from Texas A&M University in August 2020 with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and a minor in Anthropology. Both facets of his education fostered a more holistic understanding of different cultures and peoples – knowledge he hopes to use as he enters the world of policy. Outside of the classroom, Blake worked as a swim instructor, teaching people of all ages and skill levels how to swim. Throughout his experiences as a teacher, he has seen the benefits of creating inclusive and welcoming spaces for people to grow. During his formative years at Texas A&M, he also served as a historian for One Love, an environmental and social justice organization. Volunteering with his club members instilled a greater appreciation for public service and helping others. Additionally, this leadership position reinforced a set of progressive values that he will continue to abide by to fight for social justice and equality. Blake be working for Torch.AI, which he hopes will give him greater insight on machine learning and how it will affect our world in the coming decades.

Maria Katsaris
Association for Diplomatic Studies & Training

About Maria

Maria Katsaris is a student at the Bush School of Government and Public Service at Texas A&M University. She is currently pursuing a Masters of International Affairs, with concentrations in diplomacy and national security. She is particularly interested in conflict management and mediation, the politics of natural resources, and international trade. In addition, she is interested in European integration and E.U trade policy. She is fluent in Spanish, French, and Greek, and is currently studying Russian. Previously, she completed an internship with the U.S Department of State at the U.S Embassy in Nicosia, Cyprus. She hopes to eventually have a career in political analysis working as a Political Officer for the Department of State. She hopes that working with the the Association for Diplomatic Studies & Training in Washington D.C will allow her to learn more about the Foreign Service and diplomatic history.
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Intern Photo

Janine Knauerhase
Association for Diplomatic Studies & Training

About Janine

Janine Knauerhase graduated in May 2020 with a Bachelors of Arts in International Studies: Politics and Diplomacy, and a minor in French. She has a great interest in education, foreign affairs, and sustainability. She currently serves as a mentor as part of the El Paso Leadership Network, which is geared at helping El Paso high schoolers navigate the college admissions process. She has also been volunteering with her church for six years, with her main role singing in the choir. Janine hails from a multicultural background, having a German father and Mexican-American mother. This has played a great role in her interest in diplomacy, policy, and other cultures. In addition to English, she is proficient in German, Spanish and French. She plans on continuing learning more languages and is currently focusing on Italian. Along with languages, she is also skilled in digital media. Janine is eager to build upon and apply the skills she gained interning for the House of Representatives in El Paso, during the summer of summer 2019, where one of the most impactful moments was when she aided in the office’s response to the El Paso shooting event. Janine is excited to intern with the Association for Diplomatic Studies & Training and learn more about foreign relations and the history of US diplomacy. She is passionate about justice and public service and plans to attend law school the following year with aspirations of working on public policy and education reform.

Andrew Lim
Association for Diplomatic Studies & Training

About Andrew

As a first-generation Aggie, Andrew Lim graduated from Texas A&M University in May 2020 with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and a minor in Arabic studies. He was born to first-generation immigrants from South Korea who now dwell in Prosper, TX with his younger brother and sister. During his four years at Texas A&M, Andrew was in the Corps of Cadets and served as the Artillery Band Commander, Bugle Rank member of the Fightin’ Texas Aggie Band, and member of the Ross Volunteer Company. Through these leadership experiences, he developed a genuine passion for selfless service after creating meaningful connections with other cadets and watching them grow both professionally and personally. Outside of his time at Texas A&M, Andrew has had the opportunity to coach at Deerfoot Youth Camp in Magnolia, TX, where he realized the impact enthusiastic role models can have on children learning to enjoy sports. Having learned Korean while living with his family and studying the Arabic language and culture during his time at Texas A&M, Andrew has come to recognize the importance of cultural understanding through his personal experiences of serving others from all walks of life. This fall, Andrew will intern with the Association for Diplomatic Studies & Training where he will work to capture, preserve, and share the experiences of America’s diplomats. Afterwards, he hopes to pursue a career in foreign policy, serve in public administration, and eventually become a teacher and coach at any level of education.
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Intern Photo

Tara McCoy
Texas A&M University System Federal Relations Office

About Tara

Tara McCoy, from Rockwall, TX, is a part of the class of 2020 as a public health major with an anthropology minor. Tara ultimately hopes to combine her interests in public health and anthropology in a career in global health and international development. Throughout her undergraduate career, she has had a number of incredible opportunities to use her public health and anthropology background in research and work experiences. The summer after her freshman year she worked on an HIV/AIDS research project in Houston, where she conducted an independent study on retention of vulnerable populations in research studies. During this project, she started to observe the impact of social determinants and social inequities on health status. Beyond Tara’s involvement with public health research, she is an intern with the Department of Anthropology where she is currently working with a medical anthropologist investigating the use of cultural consonance theory in international development work. Outside of school-based activities, Tara is a former intern with the Indian Health Service’s National HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis B program where she helped author a literature review on Native LGBTQ and Two Spirit health, create a survey and interview questionnaire, and draft advocacy material for the adoption of a LGBTQ and Two Spirit non-discrimination policy in health facilities.  In spring 2017, Tara was awarded the Boren scholarship, a National Security Education Program scholarship which funds the study of critical languages abroad. This scholarship allowed her to study Bahasa Indonesia in Indonesia for 10 months. During that time, she not only had the opportunity to become advanced in the Indonesian language, but also interact with, and experience, different approaches and perspectives on health. All of these experiences have strengthened her passion and interest in larger economic, political, and social mechanisms which influence health at the local level and contribute to health inequities.

Juan Prado
Office of Congressman Michael McCaul

About Juan

Juan Diego Prado, originally from Caracas, Venezuela, is a Texas A&M graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Political Science and a minor in French. While at Texas A&M, Juan Diego was a part of the LT Jordan Institute for International Awareness and the Venezuelan Student Association, where he helped organize an event that brought the Venezuelan ambassador to the U.S. to Texas A&M. He also took part in the university’s European Summer Academy, a program that focuses on EU and European political, economic, and social affairs. Born in Venezuela, Juan Diego moved to Houston when he was 10 years old and became the first member of his family to become an Aggie. Partly due to his background, he developed a strong passion for international politics, and he plans to continue his education in Europe, where he will be looking to complete a Master’s in International Relations. Juan Diego hopes to one day work for an international organization that promotes economic development and international cooperation, either in Europe or in his home region of Latin America. Outside of his educational and professional aspirations, he loves watching and playing soccer and takes any opportunity to travel to as many countries around the world as possible. This fall, he will be interning with the office of Congressman Michael McCaul, where he is eager to meet members of the Committee of Foreign Affairs and learn about how the U.S. conducts foreign policy.
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Intern Photo

Will Sladic
U.S. Department of Commerce

About Will

Will Sladic graduated from Texas A&M University in May 2020 with a Bachelor of Science in Petroleum Engineering. While at Texas A&M, Will was involved in multiple organizations on campus; he was chosen as a delegate for the Gilbert Leadership Conference his freshman year and was a co-chairman for a committee within the Texas A&M Student Chapter of the Society of Petroleum Engineers. Additionally, Will served in various leadership roles for his fraternity, Phi Gamma Delta. Will also spent four years as a peer buddy for the Aggie Best Buddies program, volunteering with adults in the Bryan/College Station special needs community. Supplementing his engineering curriculum, Will was also a part of the Petroleum Ventures Program, taking courses focused on finance, investment analysis and leadership. These courses have piqued his interest in the energy sector, markets and how they interact with public policy. Will hopes to continue his pursuit of these interests as he begins his career. This fall, he will be interning within the Department of Commerce in the Office of the Director General for the U.S. & Foreign Commercial Service. Through this experience, Will hopes to gain valuable insight into the confluence of public policy and international trade and their effect on global markets.

David Soto
Office of Congressman Chip Roy

About David

David A. Soto is a first-generation Aggie from Austin, Texas who will be graduating in May of 2022 with a Bachelor of Science in Economics and minor in Communication. He is a member of the Texas A&M Pre-Law Society, along with being active at St. Mary’s Catholic Church as a musician for Sunday Mass and summer church retreat leader. David’s interest in politics was ignited by the story of his grandparent’s eager hope in the American dream as immigrants pursuing freedom. His grandfather is a Korean War veteran and grandmother started a successful restaurant chain in El Paso, where David often visits and helps out. His primary policy interest is economic and civil liberties, and he is also greatly interested in foreign affairs and national security. David has been active in Texas politics as a political canvasser for Senator Ted Cruz, a legislative intern for State Representative Jonathan Stickland, a scheduling intern for Governor Greg Abbott, and a summer intern for the Travis County Republican Party. His passion for politics is driven by a love for public service and interest in how policies impact individuals and businesses. David hopes to pursue a career in law and politics defending civil and economic liberties.
Intern Photo

Intern Photo

Evan Wheeler
Office of Congressman Lloyd Doggett

About Evan

Evan Wheeler is a senior history and English double major from Llano, Texas. While at Texas A&M, Evan has been a member of the Cornerstone Liberal Arts Honors program, and studied abroad in London, where he studied the effects of the American Civil War on the United Kingdom. Evan works as a Peer Counselor for the Texas A&M Education Abroad Office, providing assistance for students looking to study abroad, while also serving the Bryan-College Station community through passport processing. Additionally, Evan has been involved in Ags of OAK, a student service organization dedicated to open acts of kindness, and Texas A&M Refugee Advocates, where he served as the director. Evan’s passions include politics, reading, history, pop culture, and helping others. His public service career began during the 2018 Midterm elections, where he served as the head Financial Research volunteer for a House Campaign for Texas’ 11th District. Through this experience, Evan made valuable connections and fell in love with the complexity and coordination required to mount a campaign and the incredible dedication to serving constituents required to best fulfill their needs. Evan is extremely excited to experience D.C. first hand and to work for Congressman Lloyd Doggett’s office in order to help serve the Texas 35th district.