Washington, D.C.

Meet the spring 2021 interns for our Washington, D.C. program!

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Iman Ahmed
Association for Diplomatic Studies & Training

About Iman

Iman Ahmed is a junior public health major from Spring, Texas, set to graduate Texas A&M University in May 2022. While she is from Spring, she lived as an international student in Doha, Qatar, for eight years. Alongside this, she identifies as Sudanese-American due to her parents’ origins. Through her time at Texas A&M University, she has poured herself into making this campus a better place. A few weeks into her freshman year, she was elected as a Freshman Class Senator, charged with representing her entire class within the Texas A&M Student Senate. Two and half years later, she is now serving as the Diversity & Inclusion Chair for the organization, responsible for all legislation pertaining to diversity, inclusion and equality on this campus. Alongside this, she is involved in the Texas A&M Period Project, which aims to bring free menstrual products to campus, and she now serves as the Data Analytics Chair for, while also being a member in the Matthew Gaines Society. Throughout all of this, she has been a part of multiple leadership organizations that speak to her passions, such as MSC FLI (Freshman Leadership International), SLOPE (Sophomores Leading On Promoting Equality) and Maggies, an organization dedicated to bringing together women of character in leadership. In the midst of this, she also works at the Memorial Student Center front desk, serving as the first impression visitors have of the friendliness of Aggieland as she aids them in their needs. While she initially majored in public health with a goal to attend medical school, her time in Student Senate, paired with her international experience and passion for social justice, have drawn her to pursue law in the future, in the intersection of international law, human rights and civil rights.

Thomas Coleman
Office of Congressman Brian Babin

About Thomas

Thomas Coleman is a third generation Aggie from Cypress, Texas who will be graduating in May of 2023 with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance. On campus, he is an active member of the organization Christian Business Leaders. Outside of school, Thomas enjoys running, playing piano, and rooting for the Astros. He has had a strong interest in politics ever since he was in middle school, when he closely followed the 2014 midterm election. This led to Thomas becoming an avid follower of Congressional behavior. Over the past few years, Thomas has been an active player in Houston politics: in 2019, he served as an intern on the Bill King for Mayor Campaign, and in 2020, he served as an intern on the Wesley Hunt for Congress Campaign. This spring, Thomas will be working in the Office of Congressman Brian Babin. Throughout this experience, he hopes to learn how to work successfully in the public sector to mitigate the role the government plays in the daily lives of Americans while simultaneously promoting the paramount principles of individual responsibility and individual rights.
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Robert Holt
U.S. Department of Transportation

About Robert

Robert Holt is a second-year student athlete who is studying for his Bachelor of Science in Political Science, with a minor in Philosophy. Additionally, he is pursuing the Pre-Law certificate offered through Texas A&M’s philosophy department in the College of Liberal Arts.  Robert is set to graduate in the spring of 2023. He was born in Huntsville, Texas, yet spent most of his adolescent years living in the Austin, Texas area – where his family moved shortly after his birth. During his time at Texas A&M, Robert has and continues to train and compete for the Texas A&M Track and Field and Cross-Country teams and has become a member of Texas A&M’s Speech and Debate team. Inspired by his parents, who are small business owners, Robert has become fascinated with policy and legislative politics, as well as the intricate relationship that exists between Government and the private sector. He hopes to pursue these interests by attending law school and practicing anti-trust law. Robert is grateful to have been accepted into the Public Policy Internship Program and is elated to gain valuable trial preparation experience when assisting the United States Department of Transportation in support of a federal criminal prosecution of violations of transportation safety law.

Mackenzie Jeter
Office of Senator John Cornyn

About Mackenzie

Mackenzie Jeter is a second-generation Fighting Texas Aggie and a member of the Class of 2022. She is pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Plant and Environmental Soil Science with a minor in History. As an undergraduate at Texas A&M University, Mackenzie is involved in the University Honors Program, the Soil and Crop Science Honors Program, and was recently named the Departmental Outstanding Plant and Environmental Soil Science Student. This summer she even got to be a part of a team that received a $100 million grant from the Department of Energy! She is also employed as an undergraduate research assistant by her department and does lab work for both Dr. Youjun Deng and Dr. Paul Schwab. Above everything, Mackenzie is very passionate about serving in her community. She currently mentors seven third and fourth grade boys through a program for at-risk children in Bryan, Texas. She takes her role very seriously and loves every second of it. Through this program, Mackenzie realized her passion for partnering with low-income communities, and together, creating an avenue to break the cycle of poverty. Mackenzie had the great opportunity to intern with the National Farmers Union in the fall. There, she fell in love with policy and Washington DC. She felt that it was not yet her time to leave and found a way to stay! This spring, Mackenzie will be interning with Senator John Cornyn, where she hopes to see everything from the appropriations process to senate confirmations for cabinet positions. She is beyond excited and believes that this internship will get her one step closer to achieving her career dreams of fighting for people who do not have the resources to fight for themselves.
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Intern Photo

Nicole Koke
Office of Congressman August Pfluger

About Nicole

Nicole Koke is currently a sophomore business management consulting major at Texas A&M University. She grew up in Stephenville, Texas on a dairy farm with her six siblings. Nicole’s parents instilled hard work and discipline from in her from a young age, so that she and her siblings have the determination and discipline to work harder and be better. Nicole’s family constantly pushes her to be the best and encourages her to inject 100% of her effort in all her endeavors. Her passion for agriculture has led Nicole to Texas A&M University where she is part of the Texas A&M Christian Business leaders (CBL) and part of the professional development committee. In addition, she is the secretary of the Dairy Science Club and part of the A&M dairy challenge team. All of these experiences have molded Nicole into the person she is today, and her successes have shown her how much she enjoys hard work and earning her accomplishments.

Patrick Mann
Office of Congressman Lou Correa

About Patrick

Patrick Mann is a new graduate from Orange, California, with a Bachelor of Science in Recreation, Park, and Tourism Sciences and a Parks and Conservation certificate. During his academic tenure, he had the opportunity to experience many public service backgrounds by working for police departments, earning his EMT, volunteering for park services, and organizing political groups on campus. During his freshmen year, Patrick played baseball. He then went on to earn his EMT certification and also work for the Laguna Beach Police Department during his sophomore year and junior year. In his senior year, Patrick became involved in politics and had the opportunity of hosting events with Texas political stars, such as Congressman Beto O’Rourke. Patrick co-founded the most extensive Students for Biden chapter in the nation, which boasted over 175 members. Helping and talking to people has always been a haven for Patrick. He did not realize that this haven would be the basis of his life aspirations. Patrick hopes he learns what it takes to serve his community in more significant ways, so he can give back to the people who helped him along the way. He hopes that his job in Congressman Lou Correa's office would give him the connective, experiential, and professional tools needed to help his community.
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Intern Photo

Michael Miller
U.S. Department of Commerce

About Michael

Michael Miller is a first-generation Aggie from Reno, Nevada. He has completed an undergraduate degree in Industrial Distribution in the College of Engineering and is enrolled in the Master of Finance program at Texas A&M where he will graduate in May of 2022. In his free time when he returns home for breaks, Michael is an avid snowboarder and, while in College Station, he plays and coaches rugby for the Texas A&M men’s rugby club. On campus, he is part of the Aggie Club of Engineers where he serves as a peer mentor to younger members in the Industrial Distribution department. Michael is also a member of the Professional Association for Industrial Distribution, the largest student-run organization on campus, where he regularly meets with industry partners in the Industrial Distribution marketplace to gain insight on market trends and outlooks. Michael has a strong interest in monetary and economic policy in the US and hopes that a master’s degree will advance his career in public policy. He is especially focused on how the United States Federal Reserve and its actions influence the U.S. economy and open markets. Michael will be working with the Office of Strategic Planning inside the U.S. and Foreign Commercial Service and hopes this is the beginning of a long career in public policy.

Joey O'Donnell
Office of Congressman Michael Burgess

About Joey

Timothy O’Donnell, known to friends and family as Joey, just graduated in December of 2020, getting his degree in Political Science with a minor in Philosophy. Timothy intends on attending law school this upcoming fall and wants to pursue a career in law. He is currently undecided about what field of law he wants to go into but wants to work towards the public good in some capacity. As such, Timothy was excited to get the opportunity to work as an intern in the sphere of public policy to see if it is a good fit for his future legal career. His interests in both law and public policy can both be traced back to his exposure to the hit musical <i>Hamilton </i>while in high school, which served as the initial spark for his interest in government, law, and politics. Timothy has also been an active member of Texas A&M Campus Life, dedicating a lot of his undergraduate time to student organizations. The most influential of these organizations has been Fish Camp and he was incredibly proud to serve as a co-chair for Session F Aqua Camp Reinecke this past year. Timothy also worked as a Senior Peer Recruiter for the Office of Admissions where he helped to recruit prospective students into the Aggie Family. He is incredibly excited for the opportunity to serve as an intern in Congressman Michael Burgess’ office and wants to make the most out of the experience.
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Intern Photo

Kathryn Pattison
U.S. Department of Justice

About Kathryn

Katie Pattison is a new Texas A&M graduate with a degree in English and a minor in communication from Fort Worth, Texas. Her policy interests include public affairs, social justice, and mental health legislation. She worked for several years at the University Writing Center as an undergraduate writing consultant. She also served as a counselor and co-chair for Fish Camp. Throughout her time in college, she has learned the importance of communication and empathy in forming lasting relationships. She believes that these relationships are the key to compassionate leadership and effective collaboration. With this lesson in mind, she aspires to influence policy and serve others. Katie will intern at the U.S Department of Justice as a media affairs intern. Here she hopes to promote justice through effective, timely, and meaningful communication. She is most excited to learn and grow alongside her fellow interns.

Erica Pauls
U.S. Department of Justice

About Erica

Erica is a first-generation Aggie from Corpus Christi, Texas and is a senior political science major. She has participated in university initiatives that have given her opportunities to lead and serve in a great capacity. This includes being the president of the Matthew Gaines Initiative and the lead project manager of The Period Project. She plans to continue to serve purposeful initiatives throughout her life and is excited for her internship with the Department of Justice. She believes this opportunity will be a steppingstone towards her goal of making the world a better place.
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Intern Photo

Abbey Penton
U.S. Department of Commerce

About Abbey

Abbey Penton graduated summa cum laude from Texas A&M University in December 2020 with a degree in international studies and a minor in Spanish. As the daughter of an active-duty U.S. Air Force servicemember, she grew up on military bases in Germany and Japan where she first developed her interest in international politics and diplomacy. Spanish is a lifelong passion of hers that led her to focus on U.S.-Latin America relations, but she is particularly intrigued by U.S.-Mexico bilateral relations and the complex history between the two countries. Because of this, she studied abroad at Tec de Monterrey in Guadalajara, Mexico where she learned more about Mexican history and politics. Abbey has been very involved in the MSC L.T. Jordan Institute for International Awareness during her time at Texas A&M; she has been a member since her freshman year and served as the marketing executive her sophomore year. During that time, she used her love for graphic design to advertise Jordan’s on-campus events and programs that send students to internships abroad. Abbey is planning on attending law school beginning fall 2021, where she hopes to pursue international law.

Beverly Popoola
U.S. Agency for International Development

About Beverly

Beverly Popoola graduated from Texas A&M University in December 2020 with a Bachelor of Science in Political Science. While at Texas A&M, Beverly was very involved in organizations such as Maggies: Women in Leadership, Aggie Sisters for Christ and the co-ed business fraternity Phi Beta Lambda, and her experiences in these organizations have allowed her leadership skills to flourish and taught her a sense of efficient teamwork, while serving the B/CS community through acts of selfless service. In addition to her undergraduate coursework, she has been very active in her professional life through the various roles she has played working on both Democratic and Republican campaigns. She is an advocate of bipartisan politics and maintains an interest in public policy and social justice reform issues. Through her work in politics, she has found a keen interest in communications work at various firms that have taught her everything she knows about messaging and engaging your target audience. This past fall, Beverly interned for a political consulting firm that helped her see just how powerful the value of a well-told narrative is and how impactful messaging can make a difference on the healthcare advocacy and environmental front. Growing up, Beverly has always yearned to make a tangible impact everywhere she went, she’s first-generation American and the daughter of two immigrants who have worked hard to give her a life of opportunity, which is what has driven her to pursue a life of public service. This spring, she is extremely excited to intern in the Office of Education at USAID. Through this experience, Beverly hopes to gain valuable insight into how the U.S. government leverages its expertise to guide the education sector and advance development priorities.
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Intern Photo

Gage Sattler
Office of Congressman Randy Weber

About Gage

Gage Sattler earned his Bachelor of Science in Economics from Texas A&M in December 2020. He was born in Beaumont, Texas and attended Hardin-Jefferson High School in Sour Lake, a small town just outside of Beaumont. Gage became involved in politics at a young age and is a proud alumnus of Texas Boys State where he was elected “congressman” the summer prior to his senior year of high school. The first campaign he volunteered for was that of a local candidate for sheriff in 2016. Gage then went on to intern for State Senators Larry Taylor and Brandon Creighton. During his time at A&M, Gage served as a counselor with Impact Retreat and a volunteer with Breakaway Ministries. Gage says that both of these activities reaffirmed in him the importance of serving God and his fellow man above himself. Working as a summer counselor at Pine Cove in 2019 enhanced Gage’s grit, perseverance, integrity and compassion for others – qualities he still strives to grow in each day. Additionally, Gage worked part-time as a student intern at the George Bush Presidential Library and Museum where he helped preserve historical documents related to the presidency and vice presidency of George H.W. Bush. During his last semester, Gage served as the Vice President of Students for Trump at Texas A&M where he helped foster constructive dialogue between students regarding current events and, specifically, the 2020 election. Gage will begin law school in August 2021 and plans to specialize in litigation. He hopes to launch his first run for political office shortly after graduating from law school. Gage is thrilled to be a member of PPIP’s spring 2021 D.C. cohort and currently interns in the Office of Congressman Randy Weber (TX-14).

Jaci Traylor
Bose Public Affairs Group

About Jaci

Jaci Traylor is a junior business honors and business management major with a minor in English. She grew up in East Texas and went to high school in Austin, TX. During her time at Texas A&M, Jaci has been a member of several student organizations including Fish Camp, Freshmen Leadership Organizations, and Greek life. Currently, she is a student worker for Reynolds & Reynolds Sales Leadership Institute in Mays Business School. She is also a program intern for Voices for Children, a nonprofit child advocacy organization serving almost 500 children in foster care. Through 180 Degrees Consulting, a student consultancy that serves to provide high impact consulting services, she is further able to work with local nonprofits and learn about strategic philanthropy within her community. A fervent reader and appreciator of the outdoors, Jaci enjoys creative writing, hiking, and playing sports with her family and friends in her free time. She became interested in the Public Policy Internship Program because she’s passionate about civil rights and equality in the justice system, and she wants to learn more about the intersections of social progress and policy and law making. During her internship, Jaci is excited to gain experience outside of Texas and develop some insights about meaningful ways to create positive change in our justice system.
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