From a Small Town to the Big City

Posted on Monday, Apr 11, 2016

Have you ever missed seeing a big field or riding down a back road? Well, after one day of living in the city, I was missing my small hometown in East Texas. In coming from a one stoplight town (literally), I did not quite know how to handle Washington, D.C. at first. All I knew after moving to the city was that I missed seeing a big field of cows and driving down old back roads. I quickly learned a lot about myself and big city living. Going from a town with one Dairy Queen to a city with some of the best food in the country, you can imagine how amused I am with each new adventure. If you are from a small town and are considering moving to the big city, here are a few things you need to know:

  1. You won’t see any cows.
  2. There are more options to do to pass the time than driving down old back roads with friends.
  3. There are so many options for food, entertainment, etc. You won’t know what to do with yourself on the weekends.
  4. The city noises are not so bad once you get used to them.
  5. Seeing the stars is a small treat that doesn’t really happen often unless you go outside the city a bit.
  6. Although a big transition, the adventure can be worth it.
  7. Whether you end up wanting to stay in the city or appreciate your roots too much too do so, make the most of your time in the city experiencing such an adventure.


Would moving to a big city like Washington, D.C. be as much of a change for you as it was for me?

Riden Reiter
Office of Congressman John Ratcliffe
Washington D.C., Spring 2016