How not to Plan a Girl’s Night out in D.C.

Posted on Monday, Apr 18, 2016

Of course there are plenty of girl’s nights when you live in D.C. Everything is so accessible.Since you are in D.C. you might as well do everything you can in one day!It always seems that there are not enough hours in one day.  I want to tell a little story of a girl’s night out with my roommates and a couple of friends.  I will shed light on some happy but unfortunate events that happened one cold winter night.

Getting up
The best time to wake up on a Saturday is early at least 9am, so that if you want to explore the town you can start off early and fresh.  I am not the average person, I tend to wake up pretty late on weekends preferably around 1pm.  That Saturday, however, I gotup at 10 am because I had made plans before hand to go to the grocery store with my roommates.  We set off for the grocery store more specifically an Asian market.  We also decided to make reservations at a restaurant that has been mentioned more than once by locals.  Farmers, Fishers, Bakers was the restaurant and luckily we got squeezed in at 5pm.  We were out and about and every shopping center that we saw it was like we had to stop, then we ended up at the grocery story, our initial destination. By the time we finished shopping for everything plus groceries it was 4:50.

Getting there on TIME
We hurried home, but did not speed! We got dressed and hopped in a uber, which I usually don’t take because I can easily catch the metro.  Since we were pressed for time, uber seemed like a good choice.  We arrived to the restaurant scared and afraid that we would lose our reservation because it was 5:30.  Thankfully we did not and we were able to seat us as soon as we arrived.  Since we were so happy that we didn’t lose the reservation, we decided to get a celebratory drink! Not really looking at the price, we ordered a drink that serves 2-3 people and we were going to split.   

My tips:
Plane accordingly
Don’t rush
Watch prices at restaurants
Don’t stress and have fun

Mariah Brandyburg
Washington Partners LLC
Spring 2016, Washington, D.C.