April 2017

Lifetime of Learning & Croissants

This Aggie commits to a lifetime of learning and a lifetime of appreciation for croissants

7 Tips to Help You Succeed in D.C. (and in life)

Seven tips to help you succeed in Washington, D.C. and in life. Get here and make the difference you want to make.

5 Things A Monophobe Needs to Know Before Moving to Washington D.C.

Moving is stressful. Moving 1,400 miles away, by yourself, is even more stressful. For a monophobe like me, it’s insanity. However, I did it and I survived (somehow). Here are some things I learned from my first time living outside of Texas, in a brand new place I had never even visited before.

Being a Committed Lifelong Learner

If you ever see the movies where the main character has the same facial expression but just moves from scene to scene, day after day from the monotony of their lives - that is my version of torture and one of my greatest fears. I believe there is an incredibly fine line between being content and being complacent. However, it is the mindset of still wanting to grow while being happy with where y...

An Intern’s Guide to D.C. (AKA a Guide to Being Cheap)

Overall, D.C. is a pretty incredible place to live. It is rich with history and opportunities to learn. It’s a wonderful way to learn and experience other cultures when you are on a budget.