A Weekend in Washington, D.C. with Your Parents

Posted on Wednesday, Apr 11, 2018

Ever since I accepted my internship for the spring of 2018, my parents have been planning their trip to Washington.
This past weekend my family was finally given the chance to explore the city and all it has to offer. With their trip now over, I do have a few pointers on how to make the most of your family time in D.C.
If your parents are planning to come visit during your internship you should develop some sort of game plan for the weekend.  There is no need to pack your schedule full of events of appointments. You will most likely burn out and cancel some of your plans anyways. You should, however, pick a few things that you want to do and revolve your time around those priorities. The following are a few simple suggestions:
1. Give them a private tour of the United States Capitol (if you can).
If you have the ability to give tours at the U.S Capitol building, block out some time and give your parents a behind-the-scenes look at one of D.C.’s most significant landmark. Even if they are not history buffs, they will enjoy hearing you talk about the historical aspects of your workplace. They may even think you have a somewhat important job (we don’t...).
2. Spend a day in Georgetown.
Georgetown is one of the best areas of D.C. to spend your time in. If you are afforded a beautiful day, take some time to walk around M street and find a place to grab a drink or a bite to eat.
3. Visit the National Mall.
This should go without saying…. If you get the chance, visit at night to get a look at the monuments while they are lit up.
4. Eat at Ben’s Chili Bowl
Your trip to D.C. is not complete until you eat at Ben's Chili Bowl. The historic restaurant has been around since 1958 and currently serves the best Half Smoke in the city (covered in chili of course). It is cheap, quick, and delicious. If it’s good enough for President Barack Obama, it is good enough for you. 

Preston Howey
Office of Congressman Will Hurd
Washington, D.C. | spring 2018