“As a student at A&M, I am committing to…”

Posted on Tuesday, Apr 16, 2019

Helping others,
Learning something new every day,
Making a difference in the criminal justice system,
Going to law school..
But above all, I am committing to myself.
Over the last few months I’ve seen people put others before themselves more times than not. Legislators, staffers, alike. I’m assuming it just comes with the job.
I think we all commit to helping and learning subconsciously but we forget to take care of ourselves in the process. We work hard to make others happy. Whether its legislators working to make their constituents happy or one of us working on making our parents proud or impressing those around us, we aren’t committed to ourselves.
Being committed to yourself doesn’t mean being selfish, it just means you’re willing to work on being the best version of yourself so everything else can just follow.

Julia Awad
Ofice of State Representative John Wray
Austin, Texas | spring 2019