15 Random Times I’m Glad I Wasn’t Buried in my Phone in Washington D.C.

Posted on Tuesday, Aug 08, 2017

  1. That time I walked 335ft and heard three different languages being spoken.
  2. That time on the metro I met a family that lived in my hometown, 10 minutes away from my parents’ house.
  3. That time I didn’t bring an umbrella and a kind stranger shared theirs’ with me and went out of their way to walk me to my building.
  4. That other time I didn’t bring an umbrella and no one shared theirs’ with me, and I felt a sense of community with all the other people in business professional sprinting towards the metro in the rain.
  5. That time I talked about both foreign relations and actual relationships with my Uber driver and learned he’d left a government job in the country of Guinea for a woman who’d moved to the U.S.
  6. That time I took my dad to the Vietnam Memorial and showed him where his dad’s name was.
  7. That time I went to the Jefferson Memorial with my dad and there was a brief quiet moment where the sun was setting and all the school groups had left.
  8. That time my coworkers and I went to happy hour and every single one of their stories began with, “remember that time we were in [insert country I’d never been to]”.
  9. That time Clare and I kayaked from the Francis Scott Key Bridge to the Lincoln Memorial and passed a kayak shop that was much closer to the memorial than the one we were using.
  10. That time I didn’t double check the directions so Blake, Josh and I made it almost to the end of the yellow line before I realized we were nowhere near the Botanical Garden, so instead we wandered around U Street, ate mediocre Mexican food and happened across a really awesome mural on the side of Ben’s Chili Bowl.
  11. That time I was waiting at baggage claim at Reagan National Airport, then realized the girl I’d sat next to on the plane was also an Aggie and we’d had a class together freshmen year.
  12. That time Clare, Josh, and I went to the Kennedy Center at 11:00pm (an hour before it closed) and we got to explore the entire building while no one else was there.
  13. That time the metro doors shut on a guy’s foot and he shouted “Not Today!” and yanked his foot free.
  14. That day I accidentally showed up an hour early to work because I misjudged the metro, and killed time by going to the Lincoln Memorial at 6:30am. It was just me, a couple runners, and an overly enthusiastic tour group.
  15. Just now when my boss walked by to check on me.
Gaby Ford
U.S. State Department - Office of Economic Policy for the Bureau of East Asian & Pacific Affairs
Washington, D.C. | summer 2017