Tales from UberPool

Posted on Wednesday, Aug 02, 2017

UberPool is a new model much like sharing a taxicab (I’ll let you figure out which company introduced it) that often puts strangers together in a “contractor’s” car on the way to separate destinations. Oftentimes, strangers politely make conversation with the driver and fellow passengers to pass the time.

On this particular occasion, Tom McKean and I, both young, well-kept*, funny*, attractive*, muscular*, male interns, were in transit from a visit to the campus of Georgetown University, its beautiful grey stone architecture nestled warmly near the banks of the Potomac River, east of the center of town. Our driver was an older African-American man, dressed in a dark grey suit and black tie, exchanging pleasantries and little else with Tom and I. He chose a soulful sermon as the soundtrack for our Sunday commute.

After crossing the river near the Rosslyn district in Virginia, we were joined by a reserved, dark-haired girl from Iowa named Lauren. After loading the groceries she’d apparently picked up, she settled in the backseat next to Tom and piped up, asking rather innocently if we’d come to the city for the weekend’s Pride festival. I burst out laughing before she even finished her question.

I was somehow able to respond after more than a few seconds of laughter, slicing through the preacher’s impassioned pleas of “Amen”. Even our driver, likely heavily involved in a religious community less accepting of more progressive social movements, couldn’t help but grin and shake his head. “We’re interns in the city,” I somehow formulated.

Lauren, who had quickly realized what she’d insinuated, was by this point, lobster-red. She profusely apologized, while Tom and I insisted that we’d taken no offense. We shared that we’d really rather enjoyed watching the spectacle of the festival from a distance, but hadn’t taken part in any activities, jointly or separately.

This experience left us with a piece of advice for future interns that might know other PPIP participants beforehand: get to know the group!

[*In the opinion of our mothers]

Kenenth McIntyre
Texas A&M Office of Federal Relations
Washington, D.C. | summer 2017