Krista's Guide to D.C. Eating

Posted on Sunday, Dec 01, 2019

So you’ve landed the big internship position, congratulations.
If you’re anything like me, you like to eat, and when I learned that I received the opportunity to be an intern for this program, I took this chance to plan and eventually eat my way through D.C.
Because of how eclectic the D.C. area is, you have an abundance of food choices that span from classic Americana, to Ethiopian cuisine. Overall, D.C. puts its best foot forward when it comes to their food scene. I have never had a bad meal in D.C., even when it wasn’t great, it was still enjoyable. Eating is important, therefore the food you eat should be enjoyable.
The District of Columbia is a place filled with great opportunities, both for your career and your palette. As an intern, you get to experience the city from a different perspective and have the chance to learn and grow. Outside of work, I took the opportunity to explore the city through the food it had to offer. I will breakdown a few of the places I went to by location, approachability to dine solo or in a group, and affordability.
*Disclaimer: Restaurants are not ordered in any particular order
  1. Daikaya 1f: 705 6th St. NW: This ramen shop has an underground feel without feeling like a hipster eatery. With groups seated together at benches, you can really focus on the food and not what’s going on around you. I recommend this spot for a quick after work dinner when you want to relax. I do not recommend this location for a group, as it is small, reservations cannot be made, and the menu may not appeal to some. If you’re a Fall Intern, this place is great on a cold day. It’s a bit of a splurge, but if you’re into good ramen, or just want some “Me-time” it’s a nice way to treat yourself.
  2. Jaleo: 2250-A Crystal Dr.: This particular location is just outside of the Buchanan. It is a Michelin-rated restaurant, but very approachable, especially when dining with friends. It’s a fun atmosphere where you can try Spanish-style tapas. If you are interning during their Restaurant Week, I highly recommend checking it out, as you are able to experience the best of Jaleo. I especially recommend the flan; I would go back just for that.
  3. Bullfrog Bagels: 317 7th St. NE (Eastern Market). This bagel place is a good stop to make before hitting the open-air shops surrounding Eastern Market. Whether you want to have a morning to yourself, or start your day with some friends, you can have a good breakfast sandwich regardless. It may be a little steep in price, but I’ve found most of the bagel places in the D.C. area to be around $7-$9 dollars. It’s a quick grab-and- go that is filling, delicious, and will add to your adventuring.  
  4. Da Hong Pao Restaurant and Bar: 1409 14th St. NW: This is the place to grab 10+ friends and DINE. The menu is plentiful yet approachable, and if you are in a group (3+ minimum), 5 plates of shareable dishes are relatively affordable (and the leftovers are delicious). This is where you want to go for good Chinese food that goes beyond your standard take-out. I do not recommend eating here by yourself as you’ll miss the opportunity that comes from sharing the meal, and the ability to use the lazy Susan.
Krista Jajeh
National Association of Wheat Growers
Washington, D.C. | fall 2019