Washington, D.C. - The C is for Coffee

Posted on Monday, Dec 02, 2019

I mean, who doesn’t love coffee? The aroma of coffee alone entices me to produce my best work, whether it is a mundane task or a month-long project. Coffee has become a regular part of my routine here in D.C., and no, it’s not because I am intern who does coffee-runs all day long. Coffee has proved to be one of the best networking opportunities since my start here in D.C. As a coffee connoisseur myself – these opportunities for networking enticed me from the start. Simply put, the connection that can be made over a cup of coffee has proven to be extremely useful.

Networking in D.C. is a significant experience – it can lead to an interview or it can be with an Aggie Mentor who pushes you into the right direction. Sitting down in a coffee shop is typically a relaxed setting where individuals or groups can really hone-in their communication skills and use this to their advantage. The relaxed setting allows for great conversation. I have sat for coffee with friends, coworkers, business connections, and even my Aggie Mentor. Some of my best networking has been at coffee shops while I sipped on an iced latte.

This is a great way to learn more about your coworkers or it can be a great way to talk about policy areas of interest with experts in that field. Plus, you will likely walk into some unique local coffee shops that you would not have the opportunity to go to back home in Texas. People (especially Aggies) in D.C. love to lend out a helping hand and are typically willing to sit down with a young professional. If you’re intimidated about how to put yourself out there – this is a great start.

Linda Quintero
National Council of Farmers Cooperatives
Washington, D.C. | fall 2019