How Many Aggies Does it Take to Enjoy Blizzard?

Posted on Monday, Feb 15, 2016

On January 20th, less than two weeks after arriving in D.C., I saw snow for the first time in the three years since I began studying at Texas A&M.  Two days later, we were hit by a blizzard unloading over two feet of snow.  So how do a bunch of students from College Station, Texas manage living in a storm of such historic magnitude?
Well to start off we began preparing to be shut in our apartment prior to “Snowzilla.”  We had no idea if we were going to be stuck inside for the weekend or the entire week.  A last minute trip to Costco was all we needed to ready ourselves.  My roommates and I made sure to stock up on everything we might need to have for the next few days.  Bottles of water, bread, hummus, a big box of cheez-its, and the most comfortable blanket I have ever found. 
When I woke up on Saturday morning I saw more snow than I had ever seen in my life.  Immediately we organized a program wide snowball fight amongst the interns.  We spent the next few hours in the streets of Arlington running around, throwing snowballs, tackling each other, playing footballs, and just acting like general hooligans. I would like the record to reflect that despite what my opponents say my team won the football game.  Both teams had the same number of touchdowns, but we got a safety in the second half.

When we weren’t outside enjoying the foreign weather, we locked ourselves inside and enjoyed good company.  Thankfully our power stuck with us throughout the entire storm so we were able to watch too much tv for our own good.  We played board games, watched movies, and spend hours talking.  In a way, the blizzard was actually really nice for us.  We had only been in Washington, D.C. for over a week, so being stuck inside our apartment gave us the opportunity to learn about our fellow Aggies and connect with each other.  That’s valuable time we wouldn’t have had if it weren’t for the blizzard. 
So how many Aggies does it take to enjoy a blizzard?  At least 35, all of who have a great new story to tell.

View of our football match from the apartment