I Know a Lot Less Than I Thought

Posted on Wednesday, Feb 14, 2018

Although I was slightly nervous, I was confident when I accepted my internship. Like most people, the 2016 elections got me more involved in politics than ever before. I became sure in my ability to have political discussions with friends and family, and I’m confident in my political views. However, my first day at my internship gave me a reality check. Hearing the conversations my coworkers were having, throwing out names of political figures I’d never heard of, acronyms I couldn’t figure out, made it very clear there was a lot I didn’t know.
It’s been almost two weeks since I started my internship. Every day I find myself “googling” something I hear in the news just to keep up to speed. I’m so grateful for this opportunity, because it keeps me humble and is teaching me so much. I’m excited to see where this internship takes me, and I’m going to push myself to not be afraid to ask questions or admit when I don’t know something. I’m still confident in myself, as true confidence comes from knowing you don’t know everything, but that you have the ability and willingness to learn.

Katherine Sawzyn
Democratic National Committee
Washington, D.C. | spring 2018