July 2015

3 Things You Should Know About Networking On Capitol Hill

Networking is key when working on Capitol Hill. Take advantage of every opportunity you get! 

On pillows, and the relative difficulty in locating Them

Having a true study abroad experience means making adjustments to a new culture. This is the story of how I didn't. 

America really does run on Dunkin’

After a deeper look you will find that our nation's great leaders are human after all. 

What is the authentic Parisian experience?

Croissants, the metro, the Louvre and in my case, working at the American Embassy.

D.C. is what you make out of it: Networking and 4 other misconceptions about Washington D.C.

When people hear that you will be interning at Washington D.C., they invariably will give you advice about how to navigate through the nation’s capital.

What I've learned about being career-minded as an intern

Even interns can be strategic