D.C. Adventures

Posted on Wednesday, Jul 06, 2016

I arrived at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport late at night. Tired from a long flight and not sure where I was headed, I watched as the other passengers rushed to get their luggage. This is a mistake, I thought. Is it too late to turn back now? According to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., “Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.” These words best describe one of many steps I took on May 30th 2016: Living and working in the Virginia/D.C area for the summer. Little did I know the adventures that lay ahead!

After settling in the apartment and meeting my roommates (other PPIP/ANRP members), I wasted no time! By the end of the first two weeks, some of us had gone to dinner at a Mediterranean restaurant close to where we stay. It was delicious and not too expensive. Then, we went on a tour of the Lincoln Memorial, World War Two Memorial, Washington Monument, and the White House. One of the most memorable days for me was attending the Memorial Day concert behind the Capitol and hearing President Obama speak at Arlington National Cemetery the next day. Despite the rain the day before, waking up early to arrive on time to hear the President speak, and my sore feet, it was all worth it! Better yet, I was not alone, but experiencing these moments with my fellow Aggies.

There is still so much to do in this diverse and beautiful city, yet so little time. I look forward to the next adventures, whatever those maybe. My advice to future interns: Be open. Just be open to what this city has to offer and to new experiences. Be open to meeting new people or even the ones you already know- because there is something new you can always learn. You never know what adventures lie ahead. So, what steps are you currently taking or will you take?

Mary Muyia
Global Cold Chain Alliance
Washington, D.C.