The Ultimate D.C. Tour Review - Literally a Once-in-a-Lifetime Production

Posted on Wednesday, Jul 27, 2016

This summer, the PPIP cohort has had the opportunity to get the most out of Washington, D.C. From day one, I committed to seeing as much of Washington as I could, with no nooks or crannies left unexplored! Because I also had to work and call my mother, here are my reviews of places we visited with the time left!

U.S. Capitol
This is a tourist mecca that many Americans and foreigners alike are law-nging to visit. With tours available to anyone who makes a call to their local Member of Congress, you’ll be able to see where every piece of federal legislation is created. When you come, be sure to ask for a Gallery Pass. They are the ultimate status symbol, and you’ll be able to get the most Instagram-worthy picture!

Now, don’t be “defense”-ive, but the five-sided headquarters of the Department of Defense is an immaculate display of art, history, and sheer size. With each hallway serving as practically its own museum exhibit covering a different part of military history, visitors can spend days checking out the various artifacts up for show. Plus, be sure to check out some of the building’s unique highlights including the office of the Secretary of Defense and the Correspondents’ Corridor, home to full-time offices of major news networks housed at the Pentagon!

National Air and Space Museum
While not the best museum for those afraid of heights, the National Air and Space Museum is the premier museum for those looking to “fly away” from the D.C. heat. You’ll be able to “take off” with the exhibits that cover everything related to flight, from astronauts to current fighter and bomber planes. Due to its late closing, this is perfect for a afternoon free museum!

Supreme Court
With stringent security procedures, some may feel judged when they walk into the ornate doors to the highest court in the land. With multiple floors, the verdict for this tourist stop may be that this needs to be an all-day affair! Depending on the court schedule, you may be able to push the bar and stop by the courtroom!

At this museum, you’ll learn the ABCs of how the media has covered history. From when we were just an Animal Planet to the Discovery of social media, you will learn what it took to cover and spread some of our nation’s biggest news stories. How the Face of media has also changed, from Books to what some would call a complete technological overhaul – a TV Land of sorts.

Postal Museum
Open in rain, sleet, snow, and hail, the Postal Museum is one of the most underrated museums in the District. Our U.S. postal mail, something we take for granted (except when our mother sends us a card), has played a role in American history. Truly seal up your vacation with this museum where you’ll be able to make your own stamp and experience a day in the life of your mail!

TAMU Federal Relations Office
While a few decibels quieter than Kyle Field, the Texas A&M Federal Relations Office represents Aggie interests in our nation’s capital. This office just blocks from the White House ensures that Texas A&M has the federal resources it needs to sustain its tier-1 research university status. With sufficient Aggie paraphernalia for any visitor, this is sure to be a home away from home for any “whoop”er stopping by the city!

Embassy Row
Just an “exit” off Dupont Circle in Northwest Washington, this thoroughfare of internationalism emphasizes that this really is a small world after all! Going all the way down Massachusetts Ave., this 20-minute walk will burn off the pounds you gain from nearby restaurants. Seeing these beautiful embassies on one street is sure to offer visitors a UN-ique experience only a few Metro stops from the National Mall.

Old Town Alexandria
This historic part of Alexandria, Virginia is the perfect district for history buffs and shopaholics alike! Boasting historic homes of Washington/Adams ’81, the presidential campaign that had an unimpressive Twitter strategy as well as local shops, Old Town is the ultimate afternoon adventure. To get the authentic adventure, be sure to take a walking tour through the streets to see architecture evolve right in front of you!

The Buchanan
Known for being the “home” for Aggie interns living in Washington, the Buchanan is known for its ostentatious lobby, fitness center that all of the interns use every day, and background for numerous summer memories. The Buchanan is best known for being the default gathering place boasting its greatest asset: fantastic friends who are above all else, Texas A&M Aggies.

Wherever you go, enjoy your time in our nation’s capital.

Dan Rosenfield
United States Air Force - Office of Public Affairs
Washington, D.C.