What You Should Know About Eating in D.C.

Posted on Monday, Jul 25, 2016

For those of you from Texas, Austin excluded, you will probably spend more money on food in DC than back home. The difference in price was something I noticed on my first day here. Tired, rain soaked, and hungry I decided to buy a burger from the nearest place, Bar Louie. The burger was great but my bill was $14, an unrepeatable sum for one meal. From then on, I’ve tried my best to find the most economical and tasty options. Here are my best tips.

The best tip and most obvious tip I can give is to cook your own food as often as possible. Despite being a mile away, the groceries from Harris Teeters should help you do just that. The store is not overly expensive, sort of like an HEB, and you have the option to get a Vic card which can take a lot of money off of your purchase (I recently saved $14 off a $40 purchase).

I also found the UberEATS app to be very helpful. The app allows you to choose a meal from an assortment of restaurants which is then delivered to you. So far, because of the app’s promotions, I’ve eaten three or four meals for free. So if you get the app and enter a code, you receive $20 of credit for free food.

Although I know some of the interns are not able to use this tip, it may still apply for others. There are many briefings, roundtables, discussions, or whatever you’d like to call them on the hill. At some of these meetings, not all, free lunches are provided for those who attend. I advise any hungry people on the hill or nearby to use the website Capitol Grapevine to find a meeting with food (RSVPs may be necessary sometimes but getting in is still possible without one, if it is sparsely attended). P.S. try to find a meeting that piques your interest.

Last but not least, is my tip regarding the now infamous Bar Louie. On Tuesday afternoons the bar has a special where they sell their hamburgers, including specialty burgers, with fries or tots for $5. The deal is so great that I’ve rarely passed up on it since I’ve been here.

Well that’s all I’ve got! Can you find even better deals?

Matt Humble
Texas A&M Office of Federal Relations
Washington, D.C.