July 2017

Aggies Commit - Being an Aggie Everywhere

Lifelong learning and reflection are emphasized in the Aggies Commit initiative. This blog reflects on what it means to uphold the Aggie core values so far away from the Texas A&M campus, and the importance of self-learning.

Internship Advice: What Former U.S. Presidents Really Meant

Have you ever wondered what former presidents would say to you if they could? Here is what they said, and what it means to a current public policy intern in Washington, D.C.

Fantastic Pediments and Where to Find Them

What is a pediment and why should you discover them?

When You Don’t Know What to Do, Interning is Right for You

Internships can be the best fit for people exploring career options. The reality is that career exploration is a lifelog matter, but internships help streamline that process.

Eat Like a Tourist, Plan Like a Local

How to eat well in Washington, D.C. 

Birds of a Feather

I have enjoyed connecting with others who share common interests and passions during my time in D.C.