Coffee & Chill

Posted on Thursday, Jul 26, 2018

D.C. can run at 100mph and sometimes during the weekend you just need to find a place to chill. Especially when I get to a new city, it’s always fun to find the places that feel like home away from home. For me, these places are coffee shops where I can read, meet with people, or buckle down to do some work by myself. What follows are my favorite places that I’ve found during my time here.
  1. Blue Bottle Coffee – Georgetown
Blue Bottle Coffee is a chain, but still remains one of my favorite places to camp out. Their espresso is super smooth and their cold drinks are exceptional. They have a clean interior feel and plenty of outdoor seating to enjoy the red-brick industrial ambiance of Georgetown. Beware, they have no Wi-Fi (gasp!) so bring one of those ancient book things to peruse.
  1. Souk – Eastern Market
I found Souk by accident. We were strolling down the street in Eastern Market and found this tiny little shop that had a sleek, Scandinavian-ish, wooden design and brill coffee and tea. When I discovered they give you a free macaron if you stay in the shop to drink, I was pleasantly chuffed. Free things are the best. Also, the quality of spices in the drinks and snacks are so insane it’s like you’re licking them straight off the plants.
  1. Malmaison – Georgetown
Warning: this place is a little bougie. They have a mini bakery with all kinds of cakes and goodies. They also have a cafĂ© section and a little fancy ‘sit down and eat little mini finger sandwiches’ area that makes you feel obligated to do everything with at least one pinky up. That’s not really my thing so I recommend just getting coffee and sitting outside under the bridge. That being said, their cold brew is out of this world and feels like your whole pallet is being hugged by a voluptuous coffee bean so I would recommend.
  1. Starbucks – Everywhere
A small little Seattle chain but I have a feeling they’re about to make it big.
The best thing is to explore your city yourself and find your own places. Feel free to try these out though. Happy Caffeinating!

Zachary Vincent
Global Cold Chain Alliance
Washington, D.C. | summer 2018