Getting Lost in a Foreign Country

Posted on Sunday, Jul 01, 2018

Ever found yourself lost in a foreign country or slightly off the mark from your intended destination? While entertaining the thought can be enough to send you into a panic attack, finding yourself lost doesn’t have to be stressful and at times can be the adventure you were looking for.
  • Making New Friends - Having difficulty finding your way around a new city is nothing to be ashamed about, and letting those around you know you’re lost isn’t the end of the world. There is no better way to break the ice between you and a stranger than to ask for directions. You never know, you might make a friend that day. I know I did.
  • Finding New Places - If asking for directions while your map downloads on your phone is too stressful, why not walk around to get your bearings? Whenever I wasn’t sure where I was, I kept walking. As I walked I got to find new areas in the city I didn’t know about, and shared the new bar, restaurant, park, or cafĂ© with my new friends in Spain.

What do you think? Is getting lost a deal breaker for traveling, or a hidden opportunity in the rough?

George Maldonado
U.S. Commercial Service
Madrid, Spain | summer 2018