How to Make the Most of Your Time in the Northeast

Posted on Saturday, Jul 13, 2019

The northeastern United States is filled with vibrant cultures, food, and cities. The region has a multitude of significant activities available and its small dimensions makes it overall easily accessible. Due to this, most people imagine their internships in D.C. will be full of fun activities and weekend trips to the unique cities throughout the North East. Yet, few interns follow through with their extravagant plans. The unexpectedly tiring work hours, and overall stress of professional jobs and networking, leads many people to quickly ditch their plans to explore the region further.
Being a current intern in Washington, D.C., working 8am to 5pm at a job within the U.S. government, I can relate to this fatigue. However, I have come up with a few key tips on how to overcome this desire to cancel all preconceived plans to travel and explore more of the North East.
  1. Remember you are only located in this prime location for a limited amount of time.
    1. D.C. is located only a short distance to some great cities and events, take advantage of this by putting in the effort to travel around.
  1. You CAN do things after work.
    1. While the 5pm COB may initially appear late, recognize that you can take advantage of some surrounding cities’ popular food culture but traveling for dinner. My roommates and I recently took an evening trip to Baltimore for dinner and we all resoundingly agreed the drive was worth the experience (and the food!).
  1. Be willing to be spontaneous.
    1. Don’t let last minute plans intimidate you, take advantage of every opportunity that arises. Recognize that you will only be capable of experiencing these things while in D.C., so a little less sleep for one night is worth it.
Trip Ideas:
  1. Hiking at Sugarloaf Mountain
  2. Day trip to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  3. Watch a Nationals game
  4. Walking around and eating dinner in Old Town Alexandria
  5. Dinner in Baltimore, Maryland
  6. Bring a picnic to Great Falls or go hiking
  7. Go watch a battle reenactment in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
  8. Go to Skyline Drive in Shenandoah National Park

Madison Poe
U.S. Dept. of Justice - Criminal Division Office of International Affairs
Washington, D.C. | summer 2019