Making the Most of It: Networking with Other Interns

Posted on Thursday, Jul 11, 2019

Networking with other interns is an incredibly important part of expanding your professional network. Below I explore different groups of interns you should connect with during your time in Washington D.C.
  1. Other Program Interns-
Make the most of your program by getting to know the other PPIP and ANRP interns. Talk with your roommate, suitemate, and anyone else you might be hanging out with. There’s a low chance that they will be working in the same office you are. Get to know where they work, how they like it, and what they are learning. This will not only allow you to grow your network, but it will also allow you to gain inside information about other Government departments, congressional offices, and think tanks.
  1. Office Interns-
Get to know the other interns in your office! Many of them come from schools across the country, so get to know them and see what their college experience has been like. Some of the interns in your office might even be graduate students. These connections can become good places to get advice on the graduate school admissions process, as well as insights into individual schools and programs.
  1. Professional network interns-
Don’t be afraid to leave the office! There are many student and professional organizations in DC. Many of these organizations host networking nights for students, interns, and young professionals. This is a great way to meet people of different backgrounds and career phases (as well as score some free food).

While networking can be intimidating at times, I have found it easiest to start with other interns. These are people in a similar situation who are looking for many of the same things you are. Reach out to others and you’ll never know where it can lead you!

P.S. If you work on the National Mall don’t be afraid to explore during your lunch break! Below is a picture I took of an exhibit at the National Museum of African American History and Culture.

Regan Spexarth
U.S. Commercial Service
Washington, D.C. | summer 2019