Making the Most of Your Time in D.C.

Posted on Friday, Jul 12, 2019

Welcome to the 202! Washington DC is one of the most incredible cities that you will have the opportunity to visit, work, and live in. There is always something going on, always something new to eat, a place to visit, or conversation to be had.


Whether you grew up in a big city or you’re from a small town with only one stoplight, you are in for a treat with DC It’s a living city, constantly growing, changing, developing. The city has its own unique culture which is dictated by the dedicated individuals who live here. Devoted to their careers and their country, these men and women are constantly on the go and making changes happen. Meanwhile, you can’t help but run into tourists who are attracted to DC and are trying to explore our nation’s capital.


Take the time to become a tourist and see the city for yourself. The monuments are always there, so try to see them during the day and at night. Check out the museums and learn something that you didn’t know. Explore the cuisine of DC; it’s absolutely incredible and you can try so many dishes. The historical sites and information to absorb is constantly available, and the city has so much to teach you.


That being said, there’s more to DC. The men and women who have walked across these streets and worked in these buildings have affected change across the world, throughout centuries. They have seen the world in some of its greatest and worst times, leading, changing, inspiring. And now it is your chance to follow in their footsteps and build upon your own careers. So, whether you want to go into public policy as a career or merely just a few months experience, this is your chance to learn and make an impact yourself.


At the end of the day, this experience of living and working in DC isn’t just about the museums or tourist sites. It isn’t just about the chance to wear business professional or work in a “fancy city”. It’s about you and your office, the friendships you develop, the lives you change. It’s about the way in which you give back to others and the difference you make on those around you. It’s about the impact you have through your work and the legacy you leave for the next generation. So, make the most of your time here, have fun, and give it everything you’ve got. It’s worth it.

Benjamin Hall
Office of Congressman Michael McCaul
Washington, D.C. | summer 2019