PPIP at the Paris Air Show

Posted on Thursday, Jul 11, 2019

As an intern with the Foreign Commercial Service here in Paris, I had the opportunity to attend the Paris Air Show. The Paris Air show is the largest aerospace trade show in the world and held every two years.Prior to the show, I worked on business to business match making for American and French companies to give them the opportunity to meet at the show if their needs aligned.This included working with our French counter parts to reach out to both American and French companies to facilitate meeting times.
During the show, I manned the booth to answer questions, and interacted with the American companies to ensure they were still able to attend their scheduled meetings.I was also able to attend a couple meetings with the Trade Specialist from Munich.
Walking around and seeing all the different booths from different countries, and well as the U. S. really opened my mind to how many different companies there are out in the world, and this was only one sector.
Overall, the air show was fantastic, from learning from the Trade Specialists both from the United States who came, but as well as the other posts in Europe (Belgium, Germany, Portugal.) This was unique because I got a small feel of what each office does and how they work, especially understanding more how the offices in the US differ from those in Europe, but most importantly they all share the same mission.
One of the most exciting parts of the airshow was that for the United States, the theme was the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11.To honor the mission and the previous missions, former Astronauts Walt Cunningham (Apollo 7, above), and Charlie Duke (Apollo 16), and Alfred Worden (Apollo 15, left).I was also fortunate enough to meet Walt Cunningham and Charlie Duke and his wife, Dorothy Claiborne – who in fact live in San Antonio and whose grandson will soon be an Aggie!This experience is unlike any other I have ever had and I am so grateful to be a part of it! I am now back in the office beginning to work on other tasks, so more about that later.

Kiley Quigley Wassenberg
U.S. Commercial Service
Paris, France | summer 2019