Aggies Commit: Advancing the Status of Women and Girls in Spain

Posted on Wednesday, Apr 27, 2016

While I would like to believe that we live in a world where men and women are treated equally, I know that this is sadly still not the case. But something can be done to change this.
 As an Aggie, one of our core values is Excellence – “Set the Bar”. I expressed to my supervisor my interest in women’s issues and our need for more women leaders in our world. She then assigned me to the task of organizing a series of women’s programs for the U.S. Embassy to undertake in Madrid, Spain. This program would include highlighting & promoting women entrepreneurs, combating gender violence, supporting awareness for girl’s empowerment and access to education, identifying and supporting women leaders, and inspiring, educating and empowering women and girls in technology.

I was fortunate enough to do a tour of Niels and BT, two technology companies in Madrid that are committed to promoting women in not only leadership roles, but in STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) careers as well.  Accompanying us on this tour were about 15 young girls between the ages of 10-13. These girls are part of a program called GirlsTech – a program dedicated to introducing young girls to a world of technology and learning the importance of pursuing careers in tech – a field that is traditionally male dominated. On this tour, the girls were able to experiment with the companies’ technology and learn firsthand why girls should not shy away from careers in this field. I myself was incredibly impressed with these young girls, their ideas, their dreams, and vibrant personalities. The world needs eager minds such as these – they are the future. Partaking in this tour and meeting these young girls was incredibly informative and helpful in developing the framework for this project. 
While this project will be no easy task, I am committed to seeing a world where men and women are equal, and shedding more light on these issues. Texas A&M University has instilled in me the core vale of Excellence – “Set the Bar” and I display my commitment to seeing a more gender diverse world by undertaking this project.  

Daniela Escobar
U.S. Commerical Servies
Spring 2016- Madrid, Spain