June 2017

Taking the Plunge into the Big City of London

Living in the city of London can be a bit of an adjustment from College Station. Even though Texas is great, there is so much more in the world to see.

Unintentionally Attending My Very First Pride Weekend

I accidentally attended my first Pride Weekend. There were buckets of glitter, love, and even a surprise celebrity appearance too. Hours of sweat and glitter later, I had decided that I never wanted to miss another Pride Weekend ever again.

How to Live Like a Spaniard

Living and working in another country can be intimidating for a first-time intern. This guide to living like a Spaniard helps relieve some of the uneast of living in a new city for the first time.

Adjustments and Insights

Every day there is a new problem to be solved so you need to always be on your feet and ready for anything.

A Beginner’s Guide to Networking in D.C.

Networking is FUN!

Falling in Love with a New City

I was so sure my future reality was going to take me back to Texas, but now I am not so sure and I am kind of hoping to keeps me in Washington.  

Three Ways in Which You can Commit to Learning

Learning does not have to just be a traditional education.

5 Tips for Attending a Presidential Inauguration

What to know before you go

Reflections of a Fifth-Year Senior

I will be prepared for the real world because of everything that Texas A&M has done for me, especially this internship through the Public Policy Internship Program.

How I Played My (Business) Cards Right

The phrase “just an intern” conjures up an idea that interns do not have much power or influence beyond their assigned tasks, right? Well, maybe not.