Adjustments and Insights

Posted on Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Have you ever wondered what it might be like to work for a state representative?

Well this semester I was lucky enough to be accepted into a program run by Texas A&M at the Texas State Capitol. I am political science major so this was a dream opportunity for me. This past year I have been deciding whether or not to attend law school following graduation; however with my uncertainty I chose to apply to this internship to give me time and a deeper understanding of our legislative process. I am so thankful I did decide to do this internship because I would have never had an opportunity quite like this again.

As aggies we are set apart from the rest. Every meeting every reception and every new person I talk to here at the capitol knows about the Aggie Interns and hold them in very high regard. I felt very lucky to walk into such a great reputation left for me by the previous Aggie Interns and I hope to leave the same. To have people form positive opinions about you based purely on the fact that I am an Aggie is a great feeling.

This internship was all about adapting to your new and different surroundings. First of all working everyday 9-5 is quite new and takes some getting used to. Secondly, dressing in professional clothes every day and not wearing Nike shorts and a t-shirt takes some serious adjustment. However, the biggest change I had to learn to adapt to was just the pace at the capitol. Every day there are so many events going on and people visiting the capitol you need to stay organized to set yourself up for success. Every day there is a new problem to be solved so you need to always be on your feet and ready for anything.

Samantha Durand
Office of State Rep. Greg Bonnen
Austin, Texas | spring 2017