How Often do You Walk Eight Miles a Day?

Posted on Tuesday, Jun 27, 2017

A month ago if you asked me to walk 8 miles in a day I would laugh. Since I’ve been in D.C., 8 miles per day has been the usual. If I walk less than five I feel like I’ve been doing nothing all day. But you really never know what’s going to happen when you walk everywhere, all the time.
You might find a wonderful coffee shop with the best breakfast sandwiches you’ve ever had.
You might wander through three sculpture gardens in one day.
Maybe you’ll bump into someone you know inside a museum by chance.
The president could drive by, with his long motorcade and blaring sirens.
Possibly you’ll find a homemade crepe that ends up being the best thing you’ve eaten all month.
You might get to pet 10 dogs in a day.
You could fill up your phone with pictures of beautiful buildings and statues.
Maybe you’ll actually learn where you’re going in the city. (Or at least really small parts of it. Don’t get too ambitious.)
You will probably spend more money on food and water than you ever thought possible.
Your lunch will probably get left at home more days than it gets brought with you.
Maybe you will end up finding a food truck right outside your work that sells the really good homemade cookies from that cookie place you went to one night.
And if you’re really, really lucky, maybe, just maybe, you will stumble upon a pride concert outside the Capitol building where Miley Cyrus is performing for free. Maybe she’ll even play Party in the U.S.A.
I don’t know, maybe none of that will happen to you. But it all happened to me. I highly recommend walking eight miles every day.

Kristi Dickinson
Department of Justice - Legislative Affairs
Washington, D.C. | summer 2017