5 Advantages of Living at the Buchanan

Posted on Friday, Jun 29, 2018

It’s no secret that living in D.C. can be a huge adjustment. But have you ever wondered how Texas A&M can make that adjustment easier? This is the list for you.
1. Affordable Housing
This may seem like a no-brainer, but trust me on this one. Every summer, hordes of interns flood D.C. The vast majority of these interns live in either D.C. apartments or student housing at local universities. Neither of these options are cheap, but for most interns there are few alternatives. Many opt to live in dorms owned by George Washington University, which, depending on how many people are in an apartment, can cost upwards of $4000 for the whole summer. In fact, even if you were to live in the Buchanan and wanted to pay for it on your own, it would run you up to $2800 a month for the summer. Policy Internship Program’s intern housing is convenient for many reasons, not the least of which is the fact that it’s free.
2. Location, Location, Location
One of the most unpredictable things about living in D.C. may remind you of Texas: the weather. From week to week, or even day to day, the weather can range from the summers that’ll remind you of Texas to cold rain that lasts for days. Even if the weather is nice, it’s really convenient having an underground tunnel that connects the Buchanan to the nearest Metro stop. That way, your morning commute will leave you cool and dry, instead of wet or sweaty.
3. Gym Membership
If you enjoy working out like as much as I do, you’ll quickly learn that it’s pretty difficult to find a way to fit in a workout plan into a 9-5 (or sometimes 9-6) schedule. Though there are local gyms in the Arlington area, thankfully the Buchanan has a complimentary workout facility in the lobby. This amenity can shave several minutes off of your morning/evening, not even including the workout itself. You’ll appreciate the time you’ll save, whether you use it for sleep, studying, or just spending time with your roommates.
4. Affordable Restaurant Options
While it isn’t always the most affordable option to eat out every night, it can be a great change of pace, or a fun night out with your roommates. Some local restaurants include Asian food, burger joints, sit-down Italian fare, or even sports bars and sushi. And, if you’re feeling particularly homesick, there’s a Chik-Fil-A two minutes away.
5. Resident Appreciation Programs
As if the Buchanan wasn’t already a great solution to all of your summer intern problems, the apartment management even likes to show its appreciation for its residents twice a month by preparing a free breakfast in the lobby every other Sunday morning. Cooking for yourself and learning to survive without campus cafeterias is one of the biggest adjustments to make when interning. It may not seem like much, but knowing that you have a free meal waiting for you is better than you think.

Excited? You should be!

Weston Fisher
House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology
Washington, D.C. | summer 2018