What You Should Know About the Food Scene In Washington D.C.

Posted on Monday, Mar 21, 2016

I can sum it up for you in one word: Amazing.  As a self-proclaimed “foodie”, having the opportunity to live in D.C. has allowed me to experience what I like to call, a food paradise.  Before even arriving to the city, I began doing copious amounts of research on Twitter, the Food Network, and Instagram to compile my perfect ‘Food to Do List’.  It was composed of all the restaurants, food trucks, farmers markets, coffee, ice-cream, dessert shops, and even grocery stores I had to try before I left in May.  From a specialty grill cheese shop, the DuPont Farmers Market, a donut shop that serves fried chicken sandwiched between two donuts, and every ethnic or infusion cuisine imaginable, I have given myself quite a task to complete.  Even though I been here for less than a month, I have eaten some of the best food I have ever had in my life.  In a recent blog post I read in Food & Wine Magazine, they noted that D.C. has become the ‘hot new food scene’ in the country because of the many talented chefs that are bringing in their innovative ideas and restaurants with them.  If I had to pick my favorite places I have eaten at so far I would choose:
Pizza Paradiso
Cava Grill
Baked and Wired