Jean’s World- The Sideline Story

Posted on Friday, Mar 03, 2017

Before moving to Washington, D.C., I had mixed emotions. I was elated because I was finally moving out of my apartment in College Station where “drama” was the special of the day. On the other hand, I was sad because I knew I was going to miss my family. I knew moving 1328 miles away from my friends and family wasn’t going to be an easy breezy beautiful walk on a summer’s day. Well, mostly because I knew it was going to be freezing (so I thought). As you can tell, I came to Crystal City/D.C. with preconceived notions about the weather and work environment. I swore I was going to live an “Olivia Pope” kind of life (wrong again).

I came to D.C. a week before I was going to start my internship in the Office of Congressman Pete Sessions. I wanted to tour the city and figure out the metro. (P.S. The metro is a force not to be reckoned with alone the first time). The first week felt like hell to say the least. I priority-mailed my two boxes through USPS and I was supposed to receive it the day I arrived. Well, only one arrived! The other package that contained all of my shoes, jewelry, comforter, and beauty products was having the time of its life traveling around the U.S. For an entire week, I slept on a bare bed without a comforter or my pillows and wore only one pair of boots.
Now, I know what you are thinking- “why didn’t you just buy another blanket while you wait for you package?” Well I did. I bought another blanket from Target. I washed it to get rid of the lint like you’re supposed to. But, this lint was as stubborn as a mule. Even after washing it, lint was everywhere, and I made the mistake of washing it again with my clothes. Unfortunately, I spent hours lint rolling my clothes that day. Needless to say, I was back to sleeping on a bare bed until a roommate learned of my misfortunes and lent me a pillow and blanket. The following week I finally received my package.

Although that was a stressful thing to experience, USPS taught me it is not always the destination that matters, but the journey. I want to believe my package had an amazing journey before it arrived in Crystal City. Another thing that whole incident taught me is not to mail important packages through USPS.

Jeaniffer Oyee
Office of Congressman Pete Sessions
Spring 2017 | Washington, D.C.