Life is a Balancing Act

Posted on Friday, Mar 01, 2019

            Nothing can truly prepare you for what being a PPIP intern for the 86th Texas Legislative Session will be like. I have been at my job for little more than a month, and I can honestly say life has been a whirlwind. I came in knowing I was going to be working full time while also preparing for my commitment to Teach for America and balancing an organization back in College Station. Wow was I in for a ride.

            Between working almost 50 hours a week, preparing for my three teacher certification exams (two of which I have yet to take), and driving back and forth to College Station to complete my obligations, I quickly began to panic wondering how I would be able to get through this semester. At one point I broke down to my roommate wondering why I had decided to take on this challenge. I had to ask myself very seriously if this was worth it and if I had made the right decision. As I was driving back home today, now more than a month after my first day, I realized that the answer was yes.

            I guess it comes down to the reason behind why you do the things you do. If your reasons are genuine, the work will still be tough but in the end, it will be so incredibly worth it. This internship has been beyond challenging, but through the madness and trials I have already seen inner growth. I have gained a new sense of confidence and have learned invaluable knowledge about the legislative process, the concerns of constituents, and the state of education and health in Texas. As I will begin my teaching career in the fall, I am further inspired and hopeful for the work that will be done to fix our school finance system and make sure teachers are compensated fairly and adequately for the work they do. That pushes me to study harder and get through my exams and fully dive into the hiring process. Lastly, as juvenile as this may sound, the organization I am involved in back at Texas A&M has been my home for the last two and a half years. Being around those talented individuals and having the privilege of helping to choose the next group of student ambassadors that would carry on the organizational legacy was humbling and priceless.

            Life is a constant balancing act. It will be few and far in-between the times where you are solely able to focus on one thing at a time. I know without a doubt his semester will challenge me to become more organized, more intentional with my time, and tackle challenges head-on rather than struggling to keep my head above water. I will strive to excel in what I do and hopefully make an impact in the spaces I am blessed to occupy.

Armando Vendrell-Velez
Office of State Senator Pete Flores
Austin, Texas | spring 2019