Never Stand on the Right

Posted on Wednesday, May 04, 2016

If you stand on the right side of the escalator, you’re abiding by the rules of the Metro (WMATA) and I congratulate you. During the beginning of my internship, I decided to just hopelessly stand on the right side constantly while the vigorous citizens of Arlington walked swiftly past me on the left side. ‘It wouldn’t matter’ I said plenty of times to myself. ‘I don’t need to walk all the way down the escalator, it’s fine’.


Maybe it was my bad luck, or maybe the D.C. Metro is just that fast, but I missed the train by 5 seconds or less a total of 6 times in the first month. Don’t take the risk. Walk on the left.


The bureaucracy and its sluggishness deteriorate every centimeter of my soul and make me want to sleep on the metros on a consistent basis. Nevertheless, don’t let this fool you nor let the bureaucracy take a toll on you, this city moves at a fast pace. One of the greatest things a visitor or an intern should realize is this: as fast as life is here in D.C., you WILL be able to get everything done on your bucket list as long as you don’t become a lazy intern. Take advantage of every lunch break, weekend, and morning run to go and explore your surroundings. As an intern, I have had the amazing opportunity to visit all the museums, go to at least one of all the major think tanks’ events, and listen to Supreme Court cases in person. All of these events are quintessential parts of living in D.C. as an intern, and every minute here counts; don’t just sit in your room and watch Netflix all day. There are only a select number of things that’ll ‘waste your time’ from doing all the great things in D.C.: 1) the metro on the weekends, 2) the bureaucracy, and 3) the presidential motorcade.


By spending your time wisely and precisely here in Washington, D.C., you’ll be able to gain a perspective of life from all sides of the political spectrum and understand what it means to work in the center of our nation. Remember, every second counts, so walk on the left.