Lifelong Learning

Posted on Thursday, May 18, 2017

Looking over the Aggies Commit web page it gives Texas A&M a platform to present student work and advertise the University to future students and employees. The commitment to learn for a life time should be an inherent goal of any university system and the education it provides to their students. The quality enhancement plan should, I believe, just be part of the education we receive and demand of the students, professors, and guest lecturers should be tied into the education at A&M, not an addition to it.

To commit to learning for a life time is important and vital to any student. It is the hope of any society to have those who read, discuss, learn, think, and then speak, when most will just skip to the latter when addressing a difficult subject. Thinking of this, I believe that some of the educators at A&M greatly added to my drive when it comes to my self-education.  From the resources A&M provided, to the research capability allotted to the general public that I was made aware of, I have come to find that outside of school I can learn about almost any subject solely on my on perusal. That being said the aggies commit should also teach A&M itself something as well. When listening to social issues arise either through social media or on campus I would not feel comfortable to say A&M insulates itself from social pressure effectively. Rather, it rides the social trends of neglecting other points of view not deemed favorable for the University all for the sake of favorable press.  

All that aside, I hope to pursue more education as I advance into the future. Whether that be on my own or another formal institution of learning, I am grateful for opportunities afforded to me and will look for ways to pay it forward.

Matt Murdoch
Office of State Senator Bryan Hughes
Austin, Texas | spring 2017