Taking Pride in the Quality of Your Work

Posted on Friday, May 05, 2017

The Aggies Commit initiative creates a culture of high impact opportunities that prepares students for a lifetime. All of the PPIP cohorts consist of many opportunities which allow many interns to grow and prepare for work post-graduation.
The Aggies Commit initiative aligns with my personal beliefs of lifelong learning, and growth. The 5 attributes of lifelong learning are: Curiosity, Initiative, Independence, Transfer, and Reflection. All of which are needed in this internship in order to be successful. Taking initiative in work or school goes a long way. When you take initiative, it shows commitment and responsibility to your employer or teacher. I also believe it shows that one takes pride in the quality of work.
Recently, I had my first bill heard in the Texas House Higher Education Committee. I was responsible for the bill layout in my office which means I was in charge of creating talking points, prepping witnesses, and making sure that the hearing went well. While it was stressful, it was so rewarding to see my hard work unfold. While I received information on how a hearing was supposed to go, I was still unsure. However, I took it upon myself to be in charge of our Affordable Baccalaureate Bill. I did research on the topic of financial aid to make sure I knew who our bill affected. I also contacted, and prepped witnesses to insure that they had our best interests. I organized the talking points to make sure committee members would thoroughly understand the bill within a short span of time.
While Representative Murphy was laying out the bill, I was so nervous. Yet, my nerves were eased when he told me he was flattered by how well the witnesses were prepped. Each witness stated claims that supported our bill which made him happy. I could tell he was happy with how the hearing was going. Being that I wrote his closing speech, I knew what he was going to say until he decided that he wanted to include more information. In his closing speech, he proceeded to thank me for my hard work on this bill. I could not believe it! He really took notice and appreciated the work and time I dedicated which was enough gratitude. Working on creating this bill allowed me to work hard, execute plans, and grow professionally.

Dominique Hawkins
Office of State Representative Jim Murphy
Austin, Texas | spring 2017