What It Means To Commit: Aggie Style!

Posted on Saturday, May 20, 2017

Merriam-Webster defines commitment in a few ways. I most agree with this definition:
"the state or an instance of being obligated or emotionally impelled."

Commitment may be a pledge or an obligation, but beyond that pledge, deep within the core of this action is the emotion that compels us to remain dedicated to a cause. In this particular instance, I am dedicated to 5 months of a beautiful political chaos we all know as the Texas Legislative Session. While this experience has been extremely fulfilling and worthwhile, it does not go without a few bumps in the road that feel more like an increasing amount of potholes. Nonetheless, I remember the phrase "Aggies Commit."

"What does Aggies Commit mean?" you may ask. It's dedicating yourself to learning for a lifetime. It's involving yourself in high impact opportunities. It's never letting yourself remain stagnant, but always moving and always growing, because this world is just too wonderful to not be a part of something bigger than yourself. For me, this meaning goes beyond that. I choose to commit myself to being a part of something that makes a positive difference in the world. I choose to never lose my childlike wonder. That means every morning of work, despite the difficulties of the day before or even that morning, I recommit myself to the work I am doing for the betterment of others and choose to approach each opportunity with enthusiasm and curiosity.

Now I know that sometimes having that attitude is easier said than done. I've had more than my fair share of moments when bumps in the road become huge potholes that seem as though I'm not able to get out of. As a recent graduate, this program is my "what now?" moment after college. Now here I am mid-session going through this journey with the drilling question once again, "what comes next?"
Balancing 11 hour days with the time it takes to search and apply for jobs takes a bit of a toll. I've probably applied for about ten jobs and haven't heard back from any of them. So I think any person would feel anxious not knowing what life will look like after May 29... and those are just the professional bumps. Living nine hours away from family and having your friends live in different cities doesn’t exactly help those days of loneliness, and its difficult trying to get involved with something when your life is quite literally M-F: work and sleep, Sat-Sun: recuperate.

Now I don't share these struggles as a deterrence, but rather as a source of strength for anyone who may find themselves in similar positions. These are the moments where you recommit over and over again to the cause you know to be important- that is what Aggies Commit means. Additionally, it's learning to have a relationship with yourself and enjoy that Sunday afternoon run and yoga sesh when plans with friends fall through. It's finally going to the nature center you told yourself you'd visit one day. It's feeding your spirituality, which for me is volunteering at a church I've absolutely fallen in love with. It's reaching out to old friends and creating new memories! It's agreeing to fill in for a role in a pilot episode after your roommate calls you the night before production saying an actress backed out last minute (true story.) It's stepping out of your comfort zone and reaching out to people you only know from your school program- who knows, you may just find yourselves becoming adventure buddies and visit the LBJ museum and the Austin Symphony.

Aggies Commit is about consciously taking opportunities that will allow you to grow and better not only the world, but yourself. So I ask you, what is it that makes you and the community around you a better place? Once you find those things, I encourage you to chase it, because the endeavor to commit will never falter and neither will you!

Devin Miranda Pallares
Office of State Senator Eddie Lucio Jr.
Austin, Texas | spring 2017