Work Hard, Play Hard

Posted on Sunday, May 21, 2017

When I first found out that I had gotten this internship I had mixed emotions for many reasons. One of my concerns was that even though I was going abroad I would be working all day every day without any vacations (or pay!). It seemed a lot like the real world where you have to sit behind a computer at a desk all day and you don’t get any time off. Compare that to all of my friends who are having tons of fun because they are only in class a couple hours a day and their semester is sprinkled with holidays (in case you weren’t aware, spring break isn’t a thing in the real world). So you can see my hesitation wasn’t unfounded; I felt as if I was I was growing up too fast- I mean I do have the rest of my life to work.

Although I was initially worried, one of the many things I’ve learned throughout this semester is that work doesn’t have to be boring- in fact it can be fun! I was taught this lesson in a very enjoyable way: I got to attend a trade show.

My supervisor asked me and the other two interns to go help out at the franchising trade show. This was all of ours first time helping out with a major event so we didn’t know what to expect but boy where we in for a treat. Not only did I get to spend multiple days hanging out (or working, you can chose which ever term you think is more appropriate) with my friends (aka the other interns, because after spending so much time together you become close) during the normal work day, but we also got tons of free samples- everything ranging from froyo to Asian cuisine- from all the different vendors. Just when we thought our jobs couldn’t get better our boss took us all out to lunch to thank us for the hard work we’ve done this semester. So even though internships may sound like a boring thing there are many perks that can turn them into fun and games. Doing this internship has made me commit to enjoy what I do and work to live not live to work.

Maureen McClellan
US Commercial Service
Madrid, Spain | spring 2017