Get Out - D.C. Edition

Posted on Friday, May 04, 2018

Yes, there’s a lot to do in Washington, D.C., but don’t spend all of your time here! Embrace how close the major cities of the Northeast are to each other. Like so many other interns, one of my goals for this semester was to travel outside of the city to visit new cities, family and friends.  So, I visited Baltimore, Philly, NYC, and Boston for either day or weekend trips.
This is completely doable in an affordable way if you use these tips:
  • Dream and Prioritize
    • Before starting your time in D.C., list out the places you want to visit and rank them by importance. Yes this post is about getting out, but you should spend the majority of your weekends in town exploring. So pick the places you really want to visit.
  • Find The Sweet Spot
    • Transportation can get expensive if you don’t book far enough in advance so plan accordingly. Your mode will also affect the cost. So just remember plane before train before bus. If you’re making last minute plans (like I did when I decided to go to NYC the day before I left), take the bus. Your wallet will thank you!
  • Use Your Resources
    • Before looking for any housing options you have to pay for, use your network (family and friends) to see if anyone has an open couch or bed. If that fails, check out AirBnB or hostels. All you really need is a place to rest your head because you should be exploring as long as you’re awake!
      • Pro tip- Travel with friends and split the room!
  • Plan in Advance
    • This is the best advice you’ll receive to save cost in every stage of planning! Also, it is very important to plan in advance what you want to do in the city you’re visiting. Whatever you like to do when you travel- whether that’s eating, looking at art, being active- look up the local spots and include them on your itinerary. Leave lots of room for the unexpected though! Sometimes the unplanned results in the best memories.
What are the best tips you’ve received for planning weekend travels?

Tranae Felicien
Office of Congressman Will Hurd
Washington, D.C. | spring 2018