How D.C. became Home within Two Months - The Honest Truth

Posted on Saturday, May 05, 2018

After seven or eight weeks of working at my internship on the Hill, I was working full time as a Staff Assistant within my office. I was offered a job and there was absolutely no need for consideration time – I accepted immediately and it was one of the best decisions I could have made. My ability to say yes to something so crazy so quickly stemmed from only two things: luck and openness.

When I moved to D.C. in January, I was already more fortunate than most. I already had family and friends living in the district, I had lived all over the world in some crazy environments before, and I knew D.C. well before my feet touched the ground in January. To add on to that, I got paired with some of the best roommates PPIP could offer, my placement office was staffed by the absolute coolest and most capable people, and I quickly got plugged into different networks of people that all made the transition extremely easy. Long story short, D.C. became home so easily because I was lucky. I didn’t do anything to deserve the people that surrounded me, I simply said yes to any and every opportunity they provided me with. That is the moral of the story here: you don’t have to do anything overly remarkable or crazy or radical to thrive here. You just have to say yes.

I said yes to every happy hour invite, even with people I didn’t know and thought might be pretty awkward to start friendships with; guess what, we’ve had a blast and they’ve all become great friends. I said yes to spending time in my living room, watching Netflix, and getting to know the girls I would be sharing an apartment with; I’m now incredibly sad for them to all be leaving me in the coming weeks. And I said yes to every single small task that was asked of me at work, I said yes to opening any sort of dialogue with my staff, and I said yes to working with excellence and diligence at my internship; now I work there full-time and get to stay in D.C. hopefully forever.

My name is Katherine Curtis and I graduated from Texas A&M back in December, having studied International Studies and Russian. As a student from A&M, I am committed to integrity. I am committed to working and living to the best of my ability, with excellence and grace, with honesty and commitment. It is important for me to do everything I do with integrity, and to be real about who I am, own my mistakes when I make them, and to embrace and accept what comes into my life when it does. I get to stay in D.C. to work on Capitol Hill full time for the foreseeable future, and that is largely thanks to this commitment that I made to my integrity. Ready for whatever the future holds!

Katherine Curtis
House Committee on Homeland Security
Washington, D.C. | spring 2018