What you should know about motivation

Posted on Tuesday, Nov 24, 2015

What motivates you?

Consider this: most of us aren’t getting paid in our internships, so what, besides money, will motivate you while you’re here? Is it living up to the high standards previous A&M students have set while here? Is it a sense of personal accomplishment? Is it the knowledge that this internship could help you start your career?

Whichever of these, it’s important to always keep your motivation in mind every day when you come to work. Let’s face it, we’re interns here- while we may get to work on projects that are exciting and interesting and important, we also have to do some of the more tedious tasks every once in a while. It’s easy to stay motivated when you feel important and useful but it’s not so easy when you have to do some grunt work.

The thing is, everyone has had to do this work at some point or another and it’s bound to happen, which is okay! Just keep in mind that people notice when you don’t want to do these tasks and it hurts you in the end because who wants to be around someone who has an attitude because they had to do something they didn’t want to. We all have to do things we don’t want to at work but remember that these small tasks are stepping stones that help you prove yourself and lead to more responsibility and better assignments. Always do your best with a smile on your face because people notice that and it’s a good chance to show what kind of worker you are. People here truly do know the Texas A&M name and it’s up to each and every one of us to maintain, if not raise, that standard. Find your motivation and hold onto it so you can get the most out of your internship.   

Kelsey Ffrench
Hosting Office: U.S. Department of Commerce
Fall 2015 – Washington, D.C.

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