Bibliophile: A Person Who Loves Books (in D.C.)

Posted on Monday, Nov 27, 2017

If you’re like me, you love books but can never find the time to sit down and actually enjoy one. Washington D.C., as fast paced as it might be, can be punctuated by periods of waiting around – the prime time for pulling out some reading material.
Book Lover? Check It Out:
Capitol Hill Bookstore: Located in Eastern Market, this two story used bookstore is a must see for Washington D.C.’s literary inclined. Don’t expect Barnes and Noble swank or public library ordering systems. The stairs feel like they’re about to cave in, but the books are copious and the place has charm, so to speak. Owned by a curmudgeonly older man, be sure to follow the rules posted on the door – OMG’s, phone calls, and ‘like like likes’ are specifically forbidden - or face his disapproving snark.
Library of Congress: One step inside and awestruck doesn’t even begin to describe how you feel as you’re trying to simultaneously pick your jaw up off the floor. Obsessed? Access to the stacks is restricted to the public, so apply for a library card and you can actually go into the reader’s rooms and peruse the millions of books, manuscripts, and other texts it has to offer.
Put A Book in Your Bag: Whether you’re stuck on the subway, sitting on the National Mall, or waiting for a friend at happy hour, keeping a good book handy is an easy fix to pass the time. Pick up a classic at Capitol Hill Bookstore – you won’t regret it.

Taylor Aycock
Pinkston Group
Washington, D.C. | fall 2017