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Posted on Thursday, Nov 30, 2017

This might be your first time working 9-5. By the time you get off a busy day of work, navigate the metro home, its 6pm and you’re exhausted. Who cares?? You’re only here for one semester, and you should make the most of it!

Monday: Walk around the Georgetown waterfront when it’s not crowded. The neighborhood has incredible shopping and restaurants. If you’re there when the weather is warm they have kayaking on the river, and it’s a blast!

Tuesday: Happy Taco Tuesday! Union Market is one of my favorite places in D.C. It is a fun and hip place, with any kind of food booth you can imagine. One of them is called Takorean (Korean styled tacos). Sounds weird but they’re incredible. On Tuesdays they’re discounted at $2 each! Sometimes Union Market will have a live band or a drive in movie playing. They also have ping-pong tables and picnic areas set up outside.

Wednesday: Go to a reception event and network. There are free events constantly in the city, most of them happen in the Congressional offices. They are open to the public and cover diverse topics. Great time for free food, drinks, and conversation.

Thursday: There is a well-known and often recommended restaurant in Columbia Heights, named Red Derby. It’s a great excuse to check out Columbia Heights, a fun neighborhood to explore.  (Side note- If it is baseball season, go to a Washington Nationals game for sure!!)

Friday: A new area called “The Wharf” just recently opened in DC. There’s an old seafood market on the water that’s has been there for years, but they have now built new restaurant, docks, and concert venues around it. The waterfront has campfires and games- a great place to chill on a Friday night.

Saturday: BRUNCH. Enjoy your time to sleep in, but don’t waste the day away. There is way too much to explore to stay in your apartment. Head over to Tico’s DC on 14th Street with some friends. They have great, affordable food. Rent bikes from Capitol Bikeshare and head over to the mall to go in a few museums. The Impressionist work in the National Art Gallery is my personal favorite! If there is an A&M game- go to the Saufhaus Biergarten in Dupont. The D.C. A&M Club hosts gameday there, and you’ll have people to sing the war hymn with.

Sunday: Every Sunday I go to Eastern Market. This is an outdoor farmers market that offers everything from fresh flowers and produce to clothing and paintings.  Sunday is the perfect day to take your time walking around and try all of the fresh samples. There are also a lot of people walking their dogs if the weather is nice!

Have fun!

Marlee Krohn
Department of Commerce - International Trade Administration
Washington, D.C. | fall 2017