5 Ways to Master the Metro and Enjoy Your Commute

Posted on Tuesday, Nov 06, 2018

  1. Use Google maps when you're going somewhere new
I am a HUGE fan of using Google maps to plan my metro journey. I love that it uses an algorithm to calculate the fastest route to your destination based on where you are and when metros are leaving, then tells you not only what line to take but also displays the name of the direction you need to go. It also stays pretty up to date on single tracking and changes due to construction, and this has saved me more than once from heading to the metro station only to realize that the next metro won't be there for another hour or at all.
  1. Make it easy to grab your metro card
People are pretty frantic about getting through the turnstiles, especially if a train is about to leave. Nobody likes or wants to be the person holding up the line because they can’t find their metro card. My favorite way to make sure I don’t hold up the line is to keep my metro card in the ID spot of my phone wallet, so that I can just flip it open, tap, and go. If you're not a big fan of “phallets,” another way I've seen my friends keep their metrocards handy is by putting them in a sticky card holder on the back of their phone or in their phone case.
  1. Invest in some wireless earbuds
I was not very into wireless earbuds when they first came out - I even switched from an iPhone to a Galaxy when they took away the headphone jack on the iPhone! But I realized the error of my ways. Wireless earbuds are a godsend on the a crowded metro because they won’t get tangled if you have to move stuff around to make space for someone else.
  1. Entertain yourself
If you, like me, don’t have to transfer trains on your daily commute, I would definitely suggest bringing a book or downloading some episodes of Netflix to keep yourself entertained on the metro. If you are one of the unfortunate souls that have to transfer trains, a podcast, book on tape, or good playlist can also be entertaining and is easier to manage when you’re trying to get your next metro.
  1. Be productive
If you feel like your metro ride is a waste of time, start bringing something productive to do on your commute! I’m currently applying for law school and have recently started using my “train time” to edit my personal statement, write the mini-essays some law schools want, or work on assignments for my online classes. Doing it in the morning is a good brain warm-up for work, where I write most of the day, and doing it in both the morning and afternoon allows me to spend more of the time that I’m not commuting out and about in D.C., instead of working.
I hope these tips help you enjoy your commute a little more! Did I leave anything out? Share other metro tips with us!

Jessica Rollinson
Bose Public Affairs Group
Washington, D.C. | fall 2018