A Little Piece of Mexico

Posted on Friday, Nov 29, 2019

While interning at the Embassy of Mexico I have had the opportunity to attend events that highlight the rich Mexican culture and celebrate important Mexican cultural traditions and holidays.

The first event I was lucky to attend was the Independence Day celebration. The Mexican Cultural Institute hosted the embassy staff to celebrate with food and everyone looked forward to the highlight of the night: the ambassador leading everyone in ‘El Grito’ a call and response to celebrate ‘El Grito de Dolores”, the historical event that initiated Mexican independence. Here’s a few of the embassy interns pictured with the ambassador during the festivities.

Another celebration I got to see was the Día de Muertos or Day of the Dead celebration, also at the institute. A time of remembrance, there was an altar dedicated to Mexican figures who recently passed away and also honored the victims of the El Paso shooting.

The altar is laid out with flowers, photographs, sugar skulls, and food under papel picado. There were vendors, hot chocolate, pan de muerto (sweet bread typically baked for Day of the Dead celebrations), and traditional dances. People from the community look forward to this event every year and thus I was advised to get there early. I made it just in time to get a cup of hot chocolate and sneak a piece of pan de muerto.

When the dance performances started it was so packed, children were crawling on the floor to try to sneak to the front row while I stood on my tip toes and tried to catch a glimpse of the performances.

One of my favorite things about my internship is how I’ve gotten to immerse myself in my culture and relish in my Mexican identity. For me it was important as well as encouraged to learn more about my culture, my history, and my roots. What’s something important to you and your culture that you enjoy celebrating and sharing with others?

Leticia Gonzalez Soto
Embassy of Mexico
Washington, D.C. | fall 2019