What's in My Bag?

Posted on Tuesday, Nov 26, 2019

Whether it’s a backpack, a briefcase, a tote bag, or a garbage bag. (although the last one I don’t recommend). It is important to keep all of your intern essentials with you through your commute and your work day! Looking for suggestions? Here is what you can find in my intern bag every day:
-My planner: It’s important to track all of your due dates. I am taking classes while interning in D.C so I make sure to make notes of all my due dates for school. I also make sure to keep track of all deadlines for my work in my office as well as any events we have going on. Planning and organization is key to a successful and productive semester
-My Metro Card: My metro card stays with me everywhere I go. Public transportation is awesome in D.C and it Is good to keep your card in an easily accessible spot especially during rush hour, you don’t want to keep the turnstiles backed up when everyone is trying to get to and from their jobs. If you want to personalize your metro card, take a look on cucucovers.com it’s a really fun way to personalize your card. I also recommended looking into a monthly pass and save yourself a ton of money.
-My travel coffee mug: While you can’t bring food or drink onto the metro, I bring my empty coffee mug with me every morning and fill it up at the corner deli counter near my office. It’s cheaper than Starbucks, delicious coffee, reusable mugs are good for the environment, and since I go every morning everyone who works there knows me! It’s a great way to start the day.
-Headphones: Commute time can be long depending on where your office is. I pass the time by listening to podcasts or audio books on my way to and from work. Get a good pair of headphones you love, it’s a game changer!
-Lunch: D.C can be very expensive. I bring my lunch every day to work to cut back on costs. I have Tupperware with a vented lid that makes reheating leftovers easy and makes leftovers a little more bearable.
-Sneakers: Dress shoes aren’t the best to commute in, and blisters are no joke. I wear sneakers and keep my flats or heels in my bag until I get to my office and then I switch! It makes the walk to your metro stop a little comfier after a long day.
-Business Cards: you never know what connections you’ll make during the work day! Be sure to bring your business cards along to make sure they know how to contact you. Networking is big in D.C and can happen at any point!
Depending on your office you may have some other things to bring! Maybe a laptop, water bottle, and everything in between. But these essentials are things that I have loved having during my internship.

What essentials are you going to keep in your intern bag?

Hannah Fawcett
Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute
Washington, D.C. | fall 2019