Oh the Places You’ll Go!

Posted on Thursday, Oct 20, 2016

Washington D.C. has endless activities. From Smithsonian’s, memorials, monuments, and even weekly festivals, there is never a dull day in this city.  My name is Madison Graham, and I am a senior urban and regional planning major here at A&M. I am enjoying my time up here in Washington D.C. through A&M’s Public Policy Internship Program. During this internship I am committing myself to learn everything I can through my internship, and also through the different places I will discover.
I am having the so much fun up here in Washington D.C. The area we live in has an array of nice restaurants, shops, and activities; and I want to do it all! So far, I have been to all of the memorials and monuments around town. Even the lesser-known Albert Einstein monument! That was one of my favorites.
The best activity to do up here is to find really neat places that the locals love, not just the touristy attractions. My friends and I have gone to the National Zoo, which was really nice. It is a Smithsonian, but it’s not on every tourist’s list of places to visit. We also found a place that sells gourmet pop-tarts. This place was discovered after asking multiple Uber drivers about the best places to eat in DC. There is also a coffee shop that has cats roaming around the store.
What neat places this city has to offer, I love discovering the not-so-typical stops one would think of when they think of this city. DC is great and I love finding more and more places to go!

Madison Graham
U.S. Department of Transportation: Office of the Inspector General 
Washington, D.C.