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The Best Fusion Restaurant in the District

There are tons of fusion restaurants in the D.C. area - Here's my take on one of my favorites!

Say Yes to Everything

Explore and take advantage of EVERY opportunity awarded to you.

How to Make Friends at Work!

Here is how you can become friends with yoru co-interns.

How to Enjoy D.C. While You Are Not at Work

Nine to fives may be exhausting but when living in D.C. for a limited time you must take advantage of every chance you get! Don’t be afraid to act like a tourist even if you are becoming a local.

Take Yourself Seriously

As an intern, it is easy to accept the notion that you have an insignificant position in your host office. However, temporary is not synonymous for unimportant. This article offers tips on making the most out of your summer internship.

Getting Lost in a Foreign Country

Getting lost in a foreign country and the benefits of losing yourself.

Why the Supreme Court Belongs on Every D.C. Bucket List

Have you ever wondered how nine people in one small room could change the course of an entire nation, and even the world? The Supreme Court and its justices have fundamentally altered the fabric of the United States from their chambers in Washington D.C. for over 200 years. To witness the Court read an opinion in person is to witness the judiciary perform its integral role in American democracy...

5 Advantages of Living at the Buchanan

My Blog is a short list of advantages to living in the Buchanan. This is for future interns who may be on the fence about applying to the program and want some logistical actions.

Get Lost

The realities of living in a city with no Google Maps

7 Things You Didn't Know about the Pentagon

A lot of mystery surrounds the Department of Defense Headquarters. With the intense security and the countless guards, the concrete fortress can be extremely daunting from the highway. Sometimes, just knowing a little bit about a building can make it a little less ominous. Here are 7 things to help you get to know the DoD HQ a bit better.

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