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The Life of an International Trade Assistant

By the end of your internship in London you will come away with a different point of view of not only the job, but yourself and the world along with it.  

My Top 5 Smithsonian Museums

I will list my top five Smithsonian Museums that I have visited.

Excelling on the Hill

Adjusting to life on Capitol Hill can be a bit difficult. Here are the three biggest pieces of advice I can provide you to ensure you excel in D.C. 

My Debt is Paid

How a simple grant paid for the trip that inspired me to intern in D.C.

Things You Must do in D.C.

Washington D.C. is an incredible city with tons of things to experience during your time in the city. It is important to make the most of your time in D.C., because your time in D.C. will be over quicker than you know it.

The Internship Bag

Have you ever wondered what was in your co-worker's bag? In this blog I will share what I keep in my bag that I carry to my internship every day.

Culture Shock in the Same Country?

Like most students, who grow up in the suburbs and go to college away from the city, I had the dream of living in the city. I dreamt of living in cities like New York or Los Angeles and envisioned my life to be similar to those seen in movies and on YouTube. Living amid high-rises, unique coffee shops, and great restaurants feels like the epitome of success.

Today, those dreams a...

City Gardening

Living in the big city may leave one feeling far from nature. The solution: gardening!

Exploring beyond D.C.

D.C. has tons of interesting places to explore, but sometimes it can be fun to find what else is available nearby.

Grapefruits on Capitol Hill

How a box of grapefruits shifted the perspective of an intern off the Hill.

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