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When In DC….Never Turn Down an Event Your Boss Invites You To

A story about an event I attended where the keynote speakers included the US Attorney General, and the Directors of the FBI and the CIA.

7 Reasons You Should Intern in DC, Even if You Plan to Stay in Texas Forever

I wrote about why I think interning in DC is a positive experience for me, even though I do not plan on living up here permanently. I discuss 7 reasons I think interning in DC is beneficial for someone who plans on returning to Texas

Oh the Places You’ll Go!

A quick description of some of the fun places I have discovered during my time here in DC.

The Five Best Restaurants I’ve Been to in D.C. (And One of My Favorite Desserts)

This is a list of a few of my favorite restaurants that I have visited so far

How to Laugh at Unfortunate Circumstances

Taking a bad situation and learning to laugh at it

Why You Should Be Your Own Best Friend in a New City

Okay so that sounds a little harsh. Of course you should make the most of your intern cohort and work on building those relationships at the office! But it's okay to explore the city by yourself; in fact, I highly recommend it. Read more to find out why!

The Ultimate D.C. Tour Review - Literally a Once-in-a-Lifetime Production

This summer, the PPIP cohort has had the opportunity to get the most out of Washington, D.C. From day one, I committed to seeing as much of Washington as I could, with no nooks or crannies left unexplored! 

What You Should Know About Eating in D.C.

D.C. is an expensive town in which to eat, but I have some tips that may be helpful.

How to Take Advantage of Your Internship

Networking and the importance of reaching out to everyone

Lessons from inside the Beltway

Life as an intern is about more than The Office

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