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“…are we on the Road or the Trail?”

It was classic. Eight kids go into the woods. None come out.

Mulan vs. Nicholas Cage

Who best describes my internship experience?

For Those Who Haven’t Messed Up… Yet

We all know those perfect people—in fact, I’m one of them! *insert dramatic hair flip*

Ein kurzes Paper zu Denglisch

You might think that English words in the German language would be a blessing. After all, how much easier does it get!? But as it turns out, you are wrong. 

On living a normal life in an abnormal place

When living in an exotic city it can be hard to live a normal life. Here are a few tips to do both.

The ins and outs of keeping up with DC

Have you ever been intimidated by the fast-paced lifestyle of politics in Washington, DC? I sure have. 

How to Travel Slow

On the importance of traveling slow when everything is moving so fast.

3 Things You Should Know About Networking On Capitol Hill

Networking is key when working on Capitol Hill. Take advantage of every opportunity you get! 

On pillows, and the relative difficulty in locating Them

Having a true study abroad experience means making adjustments to a new culture. This is the story of how I didn't. 

America really does run on Dunkin’

After a deeper look you will find that our nation's great leaders are human after all. 

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